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Story 26 Shortage of Divalproex sodium (or valproic acid)

A reader in the Greater Toronto Area wrote the following to his Member of Parliament and to us:
“I would like to bring to your attention some strange going ons in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have been taking a particular drug, Apo-Divalproex, for years and all of a sudden, my drug store says it is on back order and to check back in a few weeks.  I do so and am told that it is still on back order and to check again in a few more weeks.  In the meantime, I am running out of this medication.
A quick search of the internet (in particular shows that it is not just my area or even my medication that is mysteriously in short supply.
It seems that even some particular medications (not mine in particular) are manufactured in only one factory on earth and if ever there is a fire or a similar disaster, it could spell big problems for people that rely on these medications to survive.
I urge you to fight for government regulations to ensure that drug shortages become a thing of the past.”
To this story we can also add the fact that the shortage has not been reported by the manufacturer as per the agreement made between government and industry September 2011.
Report all shortages to your MP!
If you would like to find out who is your MP follow this link.

Story 25 Trusopt [dorzolamide hydrochloride] for glaucoma

A Toronto reader reports:

I suffer from glaucoma and have tried a number of medications for it.
The only medication I have found which is effective is the Trusopt
Preservative Free eye drops [ dorzolamide hydrochloride]. A couple of days ago, I was informed that these drops are on back order and will only be available in July.

If left untreated my glaucoma will cause serious damage and potentially blindness by July. Is there any way I can receive the eye drops sooner?