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71 Countries or jurisdictions in alphabetical order

[International] Bill Corcoran, Shortage of antiretroviral drugs hampering fight against AIDS, Irish Times, 26 June 2016.

[International] ISPE, Recognizes leaders in drug shortage prevention at 2016 annual FOYA Awards Banquet [Baxter and Janssen], press release, 8 June 2016.

[International] Joseph Allen, The UN’s misguided focus on patents as the cause of drug shortages, IP Watchdog, 15 May 2016.

[International] Zachary Brennan, WHO offers new plan to limit drug shortages, RAPS, 29 January 2016

[International-Europe] Ingrid Torjesen, Drug shortages. It’s time for Europe to Act, Pharmaceutical Journal, 29 January 2015.

[International] International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers, Plan to prevent drug shortages, released 14 October 2014. [plan can be downloaded from this site]

[International] Cecil B. Wilson, International Summit on Medicine Shortage, Toronto, Canada, World Medical Association, 26 June 2013. View the Report here.

[International] International Call to Action to Alleviate Drug Shortages–European Hematology Association, American Society of Hematology, European Cancer Patient Coalition, 16 June 2012

[International] Andy Gray and Henri Manasse, WHO shortages of medicines: a complex global challenge, WHO Bulletin, 30 March 2012.

[Argentina] Karina Martinez- Carter, Argentine shortages range from drugs to salmon on import cuts, Bloomberg, 19 April 2012.

[Armenia] Armenian News, Hemophilia patients face drug shortage in Armenia,, 17 April 2013.

[Australia] Johnathan Hair, Doctors worried about national shortage of heart medication for angina, ABC.Net, 2 February 2017.

[Australia] Anon. Hospitals forced to ration due to drug shortage, tenplay Television Eyewitness News, 11 December 2016. [NB links works only in Australia]

[Australia] Kate Aubusson, Patients will die if they don’t fix this. Hospitals rationing, stockpiling first-line antibiotics amid drug shortage. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 December 2016.

[Australia] Zilla Efrat, What’s causing all these medicine shortages?, Pharmacy News, 9 September 2016.

[Australia] Brad Crouch, Global chemotherapy drug shortage triggers SA Health action plan, Adelaide Now, 11 October 2016. See also here and here.

[Australia] Anon. Study highlights drug shortages in pharmacies [due to price-lowering policy] Pharmacy News, 18 July 2016.

[Australia] Brad Crouch, Key type 2 diabetes drugs Diabex and Diaformin [metformin] in short supply due to manufacturing issues, 27 Adelaide Now, May 2016.

[Australia] Michael Woodhead, Flu vaccine shortage delays 2015 program, Australian Doctor, 21 January 2015.

[Australia] Wendy Lipworth and Ian Kerridge, Why drug shortages are an ethical issue, Australasian Medical Journal, 30 November 2013.

[Australia] ABC News, Patients warned over shortage of hyperthyroidism drug [carbimazole], ABC News, 24 October 2013.

[Australia] Betty B. Chaar, Medicine shortages: implications for the Austrlian healthcare system, Australasian Medical Journal, 31 March 2013.

[Australia] Margot O’Neill, Australia faces drug shortages: experts. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Lateline, 7 March 2012.

[Azerbaijan] Anon., Health ministry tries to prevent drug shortages after introduction of state price regulation on them [and 250 essential medicines],, 1 August 2015.

[Bahamas] Neil Hartnell, Wholesalers in ‘drug shortage’ warning to PHA [Public Hospitals Authority], Tribune, 11 November 2016.

[Bermuda] Lisa Simpson, Chemotherapy drug shortage confirmed [bendamustane], Royal Gazette: Bermuda, 24 June 2015.

[Bhutan] Nirmala Pokhrel, Traditional medicines in short supply, Kuensel Online, 28 April 2016.

[Botswana] Anon. No Plans for clinics to operate 24 hours, All, 20 December 2015.

[Brazil] Maria Paul Neira, Brazilian drug shortage threatens Chagas treatment worldwide, NTN24 News, 14 October 2011

[China] Anon. New Monitoring will help fight drug shortages,, 26 January 2017.

[China] Eric Palmer, GSK runs into supply issues after China plant damaged by nearby explosion, Fierce Pharma, 8 September 2015.

[China] Anon, Drug shortage for patients with rare condition [Human chorionic gonadotrophin], Shanghai Daily, 18 July 2014.

[China] Shan Juan, Health agency to tackle drug shortage [10M people with hyperthyroidism], China Daily, 8 January 2014

[China] Dai Dai, Survey and Analysis on Drug Shortage in China, China Pharmacy, September 2010.

[Colombia] Zach Edling, Drug shortages put thousands of Colombians at risk, Colombia Reports, 23 November 2012

[Curaçao] Anon., Shortage of medicines on the island, Curaçao Chronicle, 22 January 2016.

[Cyprus] Anon., Minster intervenes to avert medicine shortages, in-Cyprus, 27 October 2015.

[Denmark] Eric Palmer, Shortages persist in EU after GSK temporarily halted production in Italy, Fierce Pharma, 17 June 2016.

[Egypt] Reuters, Egyptians go for herbal remedies as economic crisis causes drug shortage, Decca Chronicle, 16 January 2017.

[Egypt] Anon. Egypt is on right track after pounds fluctuation…[raising prices by 15% and 20% on local and imported medicines],,15 January 2017.

[Egypt] Dahlia Kohlaif et al., Egypt grapples with drug shortage brough on by currency devaluation, Wall Street Journal, 11 December 2016.

[Egypt] Farid Farid, Egyptians turn Twitter into a pharmacy during nationwide drug shortage, Motherboard, 6 December 2016. See also Vice.

[Egypt] Mohammed Saied, Why can’t Egyptians get the drugs they need? Al-Monitor, 29 November 2016.

[Egypt] Justin Stoltzfus, Egypt wrestles with critical drug shortages [insulin, cancer drugs, contraceptives], Gulf News, 27 November 2016.

[Egypt] Arwa Gaballa, Currency drop hits Egypt’s medicine supplies, angering public, Reuters, 22 November 2016. See also here.

[Egypt] Hend El Bahary, Egyptian patients scream amid life-saving drug shortages, Egypt  Independent, 22 November 2016.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Cabinet think tank denies shortage in insulin supply, Egypt Independent, 11 November 2016.

[Egypt] Michelle Maskaly, Drug shortage prompts 20% price increase, Healthcare packaging, 17 May 2016.

[Egypt] Anon. Egypt raises drug prices to battle shortage, AHRAMonline, 16 May 2016. See also Reuters.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al-Youm, Dollar crisis hits pharma industry, causing shortages possible production halt, Egypt Independent, 18 March 2016.

[Egypt] PM Editor, Egypt pharmacies missing medications due to dollar crisis, Palestine Telegraph, 13 March 2016.

[Egypt] Mostapha Hashem, In Egypt medicines disappear from shelves as dollar crisis bites, Reuters, 10 February 2016.

[Egypt] Amina Abdul Salam, New factory to combat drug shortage, The Egyptian Gazette, 25 June 2013.

[England, see UK below]

[Europe] Helen Roberts, Combatting EU drug shortages, PMLive, 16 September 2016

[Europe] Eric Palmer, Shortages persist in EU after GSK temporarily halted production in Italy, Fierce Pharma, 17 June 2016.

[Europe] Anon. Network set up to stuy drug shortages across Europe, The Pharmaceutical Journal, 25 April 2016.

[Europe] Ben Hirschler, Reuters-Insight- Drug shortages prompt question: are some medicines too cheap? Euro News, 1 April 2016.

[Europe] Nick Paul Taylor, EMA looks to harmonize definition of drug shorage, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, 28 January 2016.

[Europe] Kim Pauwels et al. Insights into European drug shortages: a survey of hospital pharmacists, PLoS 10.3, 16 March 2015.

[Europe] Michael Mezher, European industry group calls for drug shortage reporting standards, Regulatory Affairs Professional Society, 2 February 2015.

[Europe] Ingrid Torjesen, Drug shortages. It’s time for Europe to Act, Pharmaceutical Journal, 29 January 2015.

[Europe] Sean Milmo, Tackling drug shortages, Pharmaceutical Technology, 2 November 2014.

[Europe] EAHP, Patients suffering medicines shortages in all European countries [report of a survey which can be downloaded at this site], 17 November 2014.

[Europe] James Fitz-Morris, 6 potential stumbling blocks to Canada-EU trade deal, Politics CBC News, 7 March 2013.

[Europe] Foo Yun Chee & Rex Merrifield [Reuters], EU regulators charge J&J, Novartis over generic painkiller delay, Globe and Mail, 31 January 2013.

[Europe] Eric Palmer, EMA wants manufacturers to offer up drug shortage risk analysis, FiercePharma Manufacturing, 27 November 2012.

[Europe] Sten Stovall, Drug makers are right to seek protection for EU’s poorest nations. The Source, WSJ, 25 June 2012

[Europe] Sten Stovall, EU drug makers seek key concessions to overcome supply concerns in Greece, Spain, Globe, 26 June 2012, B3.

[Europe] Jeanne Whalen and Sten Stoval, Drug firms urge price action. Steep discounts in five European nations create shortages, industry group says, Wall Street Journal, 25 June 2012.

[Europe] Biosimilars and cancer drug shortages in Europe, Pharma News, Generics and Biosimilars Initiative, 18 November 2011.

[Fiji] Nasik Swami, Medicine shopping, Fiji Times, 19 March 2016.

[Finland] K. Heiskanen et al., Medicine shortages: A study of community pharmacies in Finland, Health Policy, 118 (2), 11 November 2014.

[France] Hugo Jalinière, Pénurie des médicaments: un dysfonctionnement organisé?” Science et Avenir, 10 August 2015.

[France] Daniel Rosenweg, Ruptures de stock dans les pharmacies, Le Parisien, 10 August 2015.

[France] Laurent Vissuzaine, Pourquoi votre pharmacien manque de médicaments, La Republique des Pyrénées, 17 July 2012.

[France] Sébstien Krebs, Medicaments: la pénurie gagne la France,  Europe 1, 3 October 2011.

[France] Angela Bolis, Dans un marché mondialisé, les pénuries de médicaments s’intensifient, Le Monde, 29 August 2011.

[France] Pénurie de médicaments: Plusieurs explications, France Soir, 3 August 2011.

[Germany] Ulrike Heimes, Lieferengpass bei Medikamenten: Gefahr für Patienten? Das Erste, 2 December 2015.

[Germany] Anon., Lieferengpässe bei Medikamenten, Deutscher Bundestag, 28 October 2015.

[Germany] Wolfgang Mulke, Warum Lieferengpässe bei manchen Medikamenten zunehmen, WAZ, 17 March 2014.

[Germany] Anon., Lieferengpässe bei einigen Medikamenten, Die Welt, 14 February 2014.

[Germany] Anon. German pharmacists criticise discount contracts amid mounting drug shortages, IHS, 17 October 2013.

[Germany] Edda Grabar, Pharmafirmen verschleppen Maßnahmen gegen Medikamenten-Mangel, Zeit Online, 20 December 2012.

[Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, etc] GaBi, BIosimilars and cancer drug shortages in Europe, Pharma News, Generics and Biosimilars Initiative, 18 November 2011.

[Ghana] Anon. Phinas pharmacy intervenes in psychiatric hospital drug shortage, Ghanaweb, 26 October 2016.

[Ghana] Anon., Drug shortage hits Sunyani Central Prisons Infirmary, Ghanaweb, 24 June 2016.

[Ghana] Anon., HIV campaign in Western region in danger, Ghanaweb, 28 October 2015,

[Ghana] Anon., Nandom district runs out of pharmaceuticals,, 25 July 2015.

[Ghana] Efua Idan Osam, We need antiretroviral drugs now–HIV patients, Citifmonline, 15 May 2015.

[Ghana] Graphic Online, Drug shortage hits Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Citi FM Online, 26 August 2014.

[Ghana] Ghana Web, Korle-Bu faces drug shortage [magnesium sulphate], GhanaWeb, 21 July 2014

[Ghana] Ghana Web, HIV patients risk developing residence as drug shortage hits Ghana, HIV Haven, 21 June 2012.

[Greece] Yiannis Papadopoulos, HIV drug shortages leading to gaps in treatment,, 25 February 2016.

[Greece] Steve Brozak, Greece is on the verge of a health catastrophe, Forbes, 15 July 2015.

[Greece] Annalisa Merelli, Greece’s next big problem: medicine shortages, Quartz, 7 July 2015.

[Greece] Rose Troup Buchanan, Greek debt crisis: food and vital drug ‘shortages’ ahead of historic referendum tomorrow, The Independent, 4 July 2015.

[Greece] Ben Hirschler, Row breaks out over Greek medicine supplies, Reuters, 3 July 2015.

[Greece] Julia Kollewe, Drugmakers draw up plans to ease medicine shortage in Greece, The Guardian, 20 June 2015.

[Greece] Stephen Beard, Pharmacist rejects creditors’ prescription for Greece., 26 June 2015.

[Greece–see also Europe above] Andrew Jack and Kerin Hope, Athens urged to import generic drugs, Financial Times, 17 March 2013.

[Greece] Karolina Tagaris, Greek health system in poor condition, Globe and Mail, 14 June 2012

[Greece] Lizzy Davis, Greek debt crisis: chronic drug shortage risking lives of the sick, Guardian, 8 June 2012.

[Guatemala] BMI view, Industry trend analysis: drug supply shortage will present risk to health outcomes, BMI research, July 2015.

[Guyana] Staff writer, Baramita suffering drug shortage, Stabroek News, 7 November 2016.

[Guyana] Staff writer, Region One faces drug shortage again, Stabroek News, 18 October 2016.

[Guyana] Haseef Yussuf, There was an insulin shortage at New Amsterdam Hospital from February to August [letter from Chair of Region 6 Health Committee], Stabroek, 20 August 2016.

[Guyana], Jomo Paul, ‘There is no crisis: Norton, Anthony thrash out “drug shortages.” Demerara Waves, 24 May 2016.

[Guyana] Staff Writer, Region Six devises plan to tackle drug shortage, Stabroek News, 30 March 2016.

[Guyana] Thandeka Percival, Georgetown Public Hospital Commission has critical drug shortage, Staboeck News, 26 January 2016.

[Guyana] KNEWS, Linden Hospital Complex short of over 40 essential pharmaceutical drugs, Kaieteur News, 19 January 2014.

[Guyana] KNEWS, Health ministry looks to tackle drugs shortage, Kaieteur News, 8 January 2014.

[India] Rituraj Borthakur, Shortage of drug inspectors posing challenge, Assam Tribune, 18 December 2016.

[India] Manoj Bidkar, Acute drug shortage cripples patients [Wilson’s disease], Pune Mirror, 25 November 2016.

[India] Prabprat Nair, No recovery in sight for ‘headless’ KMSCL, New Indian Express, 11 November 2016.

[India] Ramesh Shankar, Panacea Biotec takes initiatives to solve shortage of Wilson’s disease drug D-Penicillamine,, 11 November 2016.

[India] Sushmi Deyl, Drug crisis in store if Sino-Indian ties worsen, Times of India, 4 October 2016. See also.

[India] Veena Mani, Shortage of drugs for Wilson’s disease, drug makers asked to fix local supply issue, Business Standard, 1 October 2016. See also here and here.

[India], Anon., Supply restored, but shortage of life-saving drug affects thalassemia patients, Indian Express, 23 September 2016.

[India] Gireesh Babu, Drug makers seek policy aid to reduce China reliance, Business Standard, 10 September 2016.

[India] Rupalee Mukherjeel, Patient campaigns for access to drug, company denies shortage, Times of India, 10 September 2016.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Thalassemia patients complain of shortage of life-saving drug that removes excess iron from blood [Novartis denies shortage],, 9 September 2016.

[India] Gireesh Babu, Pharma sector raises concerns over proposed incentives cut, Business Standard News, 8 September 2016.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage–not HIV–is killing children in Chhattisgarh, Scroll in, 5 September 2016.

[India] Afshan Yasmeen, Thalassemia patients worried about shortage of life-saving drug, The Hindu, 28 August 2016. See also here.

[India] Nupur Jha, Wilson’s Disease:shortage of drugs worries patients; International Business Times, 25 August 2016.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage ails dispensaries, The Hans India, 24 August 2016.

[India] Anon., Drugs shortage at Ayurveda hospital; patients forced to purchase fro market, The Hitavada, 19 August 2016.

[India] Geeta Sharma, Kerala: price slash leads to essential drug shortage, Medical Dialogues, 1 July 2016

[India] Preetu Nairl, Shortage of cancer and other drugs in hospitals, Times of India, 29 June 2016.

[India] Menaka Rao, Maharashtra’s HIV patients battle an acute shortage of drugs, Scroll in, 20 June 2016.

[India] Zehru Nissa, Where are free drugs promised by Government? Greater Kashmir, 15 June 2016

[India] Malaty Iyerl, Wilson’s disease patients in a fix as medicine shortage turns acute, Times of India, 1 August 2016.

[India] Viswanath Pilla, Five things to know about Sun Pharma’s US grand jury subpoena, Live Mint, 30 May 2016. [generic prices too high]

[India] Kamal Mishra, Space, drug shortages ail medical rooms at stations, Mumbai Mirror, 12 April 2016.

[India] Lydia Ramsey, There’s a counterintuitive reason why we’re running out of prescription drugs [prices too low], Business Insider-India, 4 April 2016.

[India] Yogesh Pawar, Are we in danger of slowing the march against HIV/AIDs? DNA India, 3 April 2016.

[India] Nozia Sayyed, Pune battles HIV drug shortage as ART centres halt supply, Pune Mirror, 28 March 2016.

[India] Himani Chandna, Regulator set to ban 1,200 more drugs, chemists warm of shortage, Hindustan Times, 18 March 2016.

[India] Zehru Nissa, Kashmir hospitals face shortage of drugs as JKMSCL misses deadline, Greater Kashmir, 31 January 2016.

[India] Divya Rajagopal, Onus on senior management of drugmakers to maintain quality, says FAD’s report,The Economic Times, 29 January 2016.

[India] Suhail Bhat, PHC Khanmoh [Srinigar] faces staff, drug shortage. Daily Excelsior, 22 January 2016.

[India] Papri Chatterjee, SSKM faces drug shortage, The Statesman, 2 January 2016.

[India] Anon., New unit to help Ayurveda college meet med needs, Times of India, 20 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Severe shortage of well equipped drug inspectors hurting pharma exports,, 10 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Severe shortage of well equipped drug inspectors hurting pharma exports, New Indian Express, 9 December 2015.

[India] Pranav Kumar Chaudhary, Absence of health minister irks Opposition in House, Times of India, 8 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Patients suffer as JAKs hit by drug shortage, The Pioneer, 21 October 2015.

[India] Santosh Sonawane, FDA readies option to counter drug shortage, Times of India, 14 October 2015.

[India] Anon., Fund crunch forces NGOs to quit HIV prevention project, Pune NYOOZ, 13 October 2015.

[India] Prashant Reddy, Should India worry about a dramatic price rise of old drugs, The Wire, 29 September 2015.

[India] Aloyisius Xavier Lopez, Drug shortage hits Corporation vet clinics [dog vaccines], The Hindu, 26 September 2015.

[India] Manoj Jalani, Drug shortage in Bihar hosps irks Union official, The Times of India, 16 September 2015.

[India]  Anon., Drug shortage in Bihar hosps irks Union official, Times of India, 16 September 2015.

[India] Santosh Andhale, FDA to dicuss albumin shortage with producers today, DNA, 28 August 2015.

[India], Shardul Nautiyal, Albumin shortage persists in city [Mumbai] as plasma availability remains restricted,, 23 July 2015.

[India] Nozia Sayyed, Alarming shortage of HIV drugs brought to notice of the Centre, Pune Mirror, 1 July 2015.

[India] Santosh Andhale et al, Life-saving liver cancer drug lipiodol faces acute shortage, DNA, 19 June 2015.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Anti-HIV shortage in Maharashtr, Hindustan Times, 17 June 2015.

[India] Kunal Chonkar, New regulations by government lead to shortage of life-saving drug Human Serum Albumin in Mumbai, DNA, 2 June 2015.

[India] Ronalisa Parida, Shortage of free medicines at MKCG’s drug distribution centre leaves patients disappointed, India of Berhampur, 2 May 2015.

[India] Ma Degree, Prove drug shortage charge, I will resign [health minister over flu medication], Ahmedabad Mirror, 23 February 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, State, civic body deny essential drug shortage [asthma and COPD], The Asian Age, 13 February 2015.

[India] News Service, Will tackle H1N1 drug shortage [tamiflu vaccine], The New Indian Express, 13 February 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, Drug shortage affecting kids, The Asian Age, 20 January 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, MDR-TB drug shortage continues, The Asian Age, 12 January 2015.

[India] TNN, Anti-H1N1 drug shortage feared as another tests +ve in Hyderabad, Times of India, 20 December 2014.

[India] Anon. World AIDS day today: drug shortage hits HIV patients hard in India, Microfinance Monitor, 1 December 2014.

[India] MSF, MSF urges India to stand strong against attack [from USA and pharma] on affordable medicines, MSF press release, 25 November 2014

[India] Anon. NHRC [National Human Rights Commission] raps health ministry for delaying report on shortage of HIV drugs, DNA, 31 October 2014.

[India] Lydia Smith, 150,000 HIV/AIDS patients face life-saving drugs shortage over bureaucratic hurdles, International Business Times, 1 October 2014

[India] Andrew Jack, Access to good therapy is big issue for cancer patients in poorer nations, Financial Times, 26 September 2014.

[India] IANS, NHRC notice to health ministry over HIV drug shortage, Business Standard News, 18 September 2014.

[India] Zeba Siddiqui and Aditya Kaira, Poor patients in India facing HIV/AIDS drug shortage, Reuters, 4 September 2014.

[India] Jyoti Shelar, HIV+ patients sue Centre for shortage of drugs, Mumbai Mirror, 4 September 2014.

[India] Reuters, India battles HIV/AIDS drug shortage as some firms halt supply, Fox News, 4 September 2014.

[India] Maitri Porecha, Mumbai AIDS drugs shortage problem resolved, DNAIndia, 13 August 2014.

[India] Maya Sharma, Government to slash prices of over 100 drugs; pharma firms call it flawed, NDTV, 16 July 2014.

[India] Maitri Porecha, Paris health meet shames India on TB drugs shortage, DNA, 3 November 2013.

[India] Malathy Iyer, Indians booed at global meet for ‘genocide of TB patients’ Times of India, 3 November 2013.

[India] DHNS, Drug shortage likely to hit HIV treatment, Deccan Herald, 4 October 2013.

[India] Anon. Sun Pharm shines on cancer drug shortage, The Hindu, 26 September 2013.

[India] Rupali Mukherjee, Drug shortage looms as pharma policy hurts margins, Times of India, 31 August 2013.

[India] Pushpa Narayan, Tamil Nadu among states likely to face drug shortage as retailers look for more profits, Times of India, 31 August 2013.

[India] Ullekh NP, Mumbai’s Sewri TB Hospital faces drug shortage: Government in denial, The Economic Times, 1 August 2013.

[India] C. Maya, TB drugs, shortage ripples reach state [Kerala], The Hindu, 29 July 2013.

[India] Shreyah Shah and Kirshna Pokharel, TB patients, activists protest drug shortage, Wall Street Journal, 27 June 2013.

[India] Alifiya Khan, Life-saving drug shortage in parts of Pune, DNA, 14 June 2013.

[India] Avneet Arora, India faces drug shortage against rising tuberculosis cases, Channel NewsAsia, 10 June 2013.

[India] Reuters, Merck unit sues India’s Glenmark over diabetes drug, Globe and Mail, 2 April 2013.

[India] Dirk Matten, India’s generics drug ruling will help, not hinder, innovation, Globe and Mail, 2 April 2013.

[India] Stephanie Nolen, Novartis loses landmark India patent case on cancer drug, Globe and Mail, 1 April 2013.

[India] Edward Gresser, India has invalidated, rejected or otherwise compromised five cancer medicine patents this year, Progressive Economy, Trade Fact of the Week, 28 November 2012

[India] Kaustubh Kulkarni and Ben Hirschler, India revokes Roche patent in new blow for Big Pharma, Globe and Mail, 1 November 2012.

[India] Nirmalya Syam, New Indian policy on access to medicine, South Views, 18 September 2012.

[India] Umesh Isalkar, State faces shortage of anti-malaria drugs, Times of India, 31 July 2012.

[India] Henry Foy, India to provide free generic drugs, Globe and Mail, 4 July 2012

[India] BS Reporter, Natco to sell Bayer-patented cancer drug Nexavar, Business Standard, 13 March 2012.

[India] Stephanie Nolen, Drug companies watching India’s drug patent case, Globe and Mail 25 March 2012.

[India] Reuters, Cheap generic drugs no panacea for India’s poorest, The Times of India, 18 March 2012

[Iran] Declan Butler, Iran hit by drug shortages, Nature News, 3 December 2013.

[Iran] Daniel Nasaw, Iran drug shortage: US Iranians send medicine to avert crisis, BBC News Magazine, 10 January 2013.

[Iran] Assal Reza, La pénurie des medicaments fait des victimes, Le Monde, 2 January 2013.

[Iran] Payvand Iran News & Radio Zamaneh, Blood disease sufferers face drug shortage in Iran, 20 July 2013.

[Iran] Reuters, Dubai, Ahmadinejad fires Itan’s only female cabinet minister. Health Minister had criticized colleagues over shortages of medicines. Globe and Mail, 27 December 2012.

[Iraq] Anon., Kurdistan Regional Government urges Iraq to comepensate for drug shortage caused by refugee influx, Rudaw, 31 December 2016.

[Ireland] Anon., HSE says it may take weeks to clear delays, RTE News, 31 October 2015.

[Ireland] Eric Palmer, Drug shortages in Ireland getting worse, Fierce Pharma, 23 July 2013.

[Italy] Eric Palmer, Shortages persist in EU after GSK temporarily halted production in Italy, Fierce Pharma, 17 June 2016.

[Italy] David Jolly, Italy fines Novartis and Roche in Collusion Case, New York Times, 5 March 2014.

[Italy] U. Tirelli et al., Oncologic drug shortages also in Italy, European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 16 (1): 138-139, Jan. 2012.

[Japan] Eric Palmer, GSK runs into supply issues after China plant damaged by nearby explosion, Fierce Pharma, 8 September 2015.

[Kenya] John Nalianya, Bungoma hospitals hit by drug shortage, The Star, 19 January 2017.

[Kenya] Dennis N, County Health Chief Officer allays fears of drug shortages, hivisasa, 22 November 2016.

[Kenya] Silah Koskei, Uasin Gishu county probe unearths cause ofdrug shortage [underfunding; distribution problems], The Standard, 11 October 2016.

[Kenya] Johusa Khisa, Probe into hospital drug shortage begins, hivisasa, 8 September 2016.

[Kenya] Jackson Brighton, Delay of funds to counties a result of drug shortages–Maangi, hivisasa, 19 August 2016.

[Kenya] Anon., Kemsa signs drug agreement with Bungoma County [re essential medicines], Standard digital, 11 August 2016.

[Kenya] Dalton Nyabundi, Digital platform to reduce medicine theft in15 counties, Standard digital, 2 August 2016.

[Kenya] Dickens Luvanda, Uasin Gishu to establish drug store in the county, hivisasa, 17 July 2016

[Kenya] Philemon Komen, KEMSA cuts off supply of drugs over debt, hivisasa, 24 June 2016.

[Kenya] William Maina, Nyamira residnets lament over drug shortage in hospitals, hivisasa, 27 May 2016.

[Kenya] Abuga Makori, jnr, Ongwae flags off drugs to county dispensaries, Kisii County News,, 23 March 2016.

[Kenya] Elisha Otieno, Drugs for Migori Hospital sold in Tanzania. all, 21 March 2016.

[Kenya] Felix Kipkemoi, Rutto blames KeMSA [Kenya Medical Supplies Agency] for drug shortage, The Star, 14 March 2016.

[Kenya] Anon., Acute drug shortage hits public hospitals in Laikipia, Kenya Broadcasting Company, 3 November 2015.

[Kenya] Eunice Kilonzo, Patients relieved as kidney drugs arrive., 2 October 2015.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Power games blamed for shortage of drugs, Daily Nation, 30 October 2014.

[Kenya] R. K. Sudoi et al, The magnitude and trend of artemether-lumefantrine stock-outs at public health facilities in Kenya, Malaria Journal 10.1186: 8 February 2012.

[Lebanon] Anon. Panic buying leads to shortage of H1N1 medication in Beirut, The Daily Star, 20 February 2016.

[Liberia] Selena N. Lomax, Tellewoyan Hospital in Lofa county suffers drugs shortage, Front Page Africa, 10 December 2016. See also allAfrica.

[Liberia] Anon. Locals in Zorcor decry drug shortage at Curran Lutheran hospital, Front Page Africa online, nd approx. 15 June 2016.

[Liberia] Kerry Sheridan. Shortage of malaria drug points to better treatment for Ebola [MSF study], Yahoo News, 6 January 2016.

[Liberia] Winston W. Parley, Liberia: More drugs shortage still at central prison, All Africa, 9 January 2014.

[Libya] Ismail Akwei, Libya’s HIV patients bear brunt of drug shortages despite WHO support, Africa News, 4 January 2017.

[Malaysia] Karen Arukesamy, RM380m cut from health ministry budget restored, Sun Daily, 16 November 2016. See also here.

[Malawi] Victoria Milanzi, Malawi has enough drugs,, 8 February 2017.

[Malawi] Anon. Medical drug shortages hit Malawi public hospitals as DHOs exhaust budgets, Nyasa Times, 5 February 2017.

[Malawi] Martha Chikoti, 2016 has been a difficult year–nurses,, 24 December 2016.

[Malawi] Kelvin Tembo, Malawi yet to introduce child friends TB drugs, Capital Radio Malawi, 25 November 2016.

[Malawi] Mwayi Mkandawire, Drug theft continues three arrested in Dedza, Malawi 24, 16 June 2016.

[Malawi] Archangel Nzangaya, Trouble! Mwanza hospital hit by drug shortage, Malawi 24, 17 May 2016.

[Malawi] Elita Soko, Malawi Govt urged to step up fight against drug theft, Capital Radio, 3 May 2016.

[Malawi] Chinsisi Moyo, Drug shortage resurfaces at Malawi’s biggest hospital, Capital Radio Malawi, 20 April 2016.

[Malawi] Martha Chikoti, Malawian health workers behind drug shortage, Malawi 24, 25 February 2016.

[Malawi] Prince Henderson, CCJP expresses worry over social problems [food and drugs], Nyasa Times, 6 February 2016.

[Malawi] Maurice Nkawihe, Health worker arrested over drug theft, Nyasa Times, 27 January 2016.

[Malawi] Alfred Chauwa Government shocked with drug shortage reports, Nyasa Times, 26 December 2015.

[Malawi] Owen Khamula, Gagging of Public hospital spokespersons is retrogressive, Nyasa Times, 27 October 205.

[Malawi] Happy Arold Soko, Malawi admires Zambia [orders prayers for drug shortage and other woes],, 20 October 2015.

[Malawi] Staff Reporter, Drug shortage hits Malawi public hospitals, Nyasa Times, 24 March 2015.

[Malawi] Hudson Mphande, KCH suspends elective surgeries: Malawi drug shortage ‘crisis’, Nyasa Times, 19 August 2014.

[Malawi] Alfred Chauwa, Drug shortage to continue plague Malawi health care, Nyasa Times, 10 August 2014.

[Malawi] Imani M. Cheers, Preventing drug shortages with cell phones in Malawi, PBS NewsHour, 8 May 2013.

[Malawi] Rex Chikoko, Drug shortage hits Malawi, Africa Review, 1 September 2011.

[Malawi] Claire Ngozo, Painkillers prescribed for malaria amid drug shortage. All Africa, 16 November 2011.

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