Story 11 Shingles vaccine

A professor writes (in Feb. 2012),

“My own experience with drug shortages is modest but annoying.  I’ve been trying, with a  prescription from my doctor, since October 2010 to get Zostavax, the vaccination against shingles, but with no success; the place that is supposed to provide it says they don’t have enough vaccine. I fear I’m in the prime years for getting shingles and I really want to avoid it.  It angers me that there is a way to do so yet in Canada, among the richest nations in the world, I cannot obtain this effective preventive.”

She wrote to update this story

I finally received the shingles vaccine on February 15.  So that means it only took about SEVENTEEN months from the date of my prescription to obtain it.  To be fair, for five of those months I was in Japan, so possibly I could have received it after only thirteen or fourteen months!