Story 16 Dilantin and Insulin

A 62 year-old woman from New Brunswick writes:

“I am a diabetic, stroke survivor, Crohns’ disease sufferer, bipolar.   My first experience with drug shortage was about 12 months ago when my dilantin could not be filled.  First I was moved down to paediatric Dilantin, then told there was “No Dilantin for me”  and I would have to go to another drug,

I am a retired provincial government manager with a good drug program.  I use a Shopper’s  Drug Mart Pharmacy.  I met with my pharmacy owner and expressed that this was not acceptable and unless the company who made dilantin contacted me directly to inform me that it was no longer available – I would be expecting them to fill my prescriptions.  I have not had any further problems with Dilantin.

However, in the last two months my problem is Apidra (insulin). I have used the pen needle for the past year.  It is no longer available and I using the syringe and vial but find dosing is very different and I am having problems with administering.   I have spoken to the company and the pen needles may be available in April.

These sound like small incidents but both have had a negative impact on my health and well being.”