Story 30 Proctosedyl for hemorrhoids

A 63 year old man wrote in late June and again in mid-August 2013:

Proctosedyl suppository (cinchoncaine and hydrocortisone) is not available in my Ontario city, and the manufacturer claims to have been having trouble making it. My pharmacist has been unable to find it or any substitute. He said that they hoped to have supply again in the first or second week of July. In another province where we went on holiday the local pharmacy did not have it, but had a different version as a substitute (proctol).

When I got home, my pharmacy and all the other ones in its chain in my city had neither proctosedyl nor proctol. I tried another chain. They did not have it. In mid-August, an independent pharmacy had only one small box of proctosedyl left and could not get any more, but was able to order in proctol.

The pharmacists called their suppliers — one had proctor the other did not. Therefore I wonder what is going on at the level of the distribution network.

This has been going on for two months (August 18).