Story 33 Delatestryl (Testosterone enanthate)

My current story begins when I went to get my prescription refill that I pickup every few months.  I had called the refill in a few days prior to go pick-up later.  When I went to get my prescription at the pharmacy they told me that they did not have any of the drug and therefore could not fill my prescription. The pharmacist also said that they are not able to order any, that it was on back order and that they may not be able to get any until June.
This has happened before in the past with this medication and thankfully it is not immediately life threatening. It is a therapeutic long term treatment that if I do not take it for a long time can cause problems for me.  This drug is a brand name drug from Valeant Canada.
There are alternatives, but often with a shortage of this medication the one that is the best alternative is also in shortage and the other alternatives are very ineffective and/or costly.
Last time there was a shortage I had to use a very poor replacement in capsule form and it was not very effective and it caused me to have stomach upset. The other alternatives are very high priced and also not as effective.
Also, last time the shortage happened the product was just sold to Valeant from another company and I found out later that they had said it was a supply issue with ingredients and that they were not able to produce the medication. This time I have not found any information about why there is a shortage and why it is on back order.
Learning my lesson from the last time this happened and got stuck with poor options, I called around to a few pharmacies and asked if they had stock or could order. The first pharmacy that I called had it in stock, so I immediately called my Doctor’s office and left a message to request that they transfer my prescription or write a new one to the other pharmacy and explained the situation. My doctor actually sent them a double request in case the problem continues longer than June. It was for a  5 months instead of 2.5 months (2.5 is usually how long the product usually lasts) this was also because I will be taking this drug long term.
Once the pharmacy received the prescription from my doctor, they called and said they had to order the medication (I guess that they used up what they had when I had called). I begin to wonder, if they can to order it then why could the other pharmacy not order it? Could the second pharmacy have a warehouse with older stock, but my regular one just has none? I honestly really don’t know how that works.
They were not able to fill the complete prescription because the medication came prefab from the manufacturer with an expiry date set to expire around June and that is how long I will be using it before I need another.
Thankfully my problem is not directly life threatening if I miss a dose. I was also able to get some of the drug with considerable effort. If I had waited even a few days I may not have been so lucky.
Anyone who may be having the same issue should look into compounding
pharmacies. Sometimes it is possible to get a replacement drug that way
depending on what the drug is.