Story 39 Drugs for Depression and Anxiety

A woman from British Columbia writes …”I am so scared that I can’t function.” She continues:

Do you realise that drug manufacturers and wholesalers do not contact pharmacies when there’s a drug shortage or outage?

If you personally don’t keep on top of your meds, you could go to get your prescription filled as I did for my anti-anxiety drug, clonazepam, and found out “Sorry Discontinued”!

Shock, anxiety, and fear!!! What do I do now, when the doctor says don’t change brands, and even different brands are out too.

I also need divalproex to treat symptoms associated with severe depression. Without this medication I am back in hospital and going through shock treatments to get on another med. This drug divalproex gave me my life back, without it I have no life.

Another anti-depression med is out until May 2016, you just can’t stop these drugs! So that’s 3 meds in a year I’ve had to deal with.

The first discontinued drug change,,,,, caused me to have flu like symptoms for 6 days, not knowing if that god awful feeling was to abate I lived in fear, but it did stop.

But I can’t be lucky enough to change over that easy with others, I attempted suicide in 1998 because nothing helped, hospitalised and a great doctor put me on the right path!

I don’t need to loose my life over a drug shortage that can be prevented.

Most pills and raw materials come from foreign countries like India, China and Israel, who go through natural disasters, wars and  manufacturing issues.

Right now people are running out of their heart, cancer and mental illness drugs – meaning without those medications you become very sick or worse!

Since 2014 over 300 medications have been discontinued, 200 resolved and as of November 5th 2015, there are over 700 drugs out of stock!

Some are estimated to be back in stock as far as August 2016 that are still being made, how do you last that long on a month to month prescription? I just noted on the website, one drug is out until December 2016. Yikes!

Why isn’t the government looking into this, the FDA and CANADA HEALTH REGULATIONS have to pass these out of country meds too, which takes even longer to see if they are up to standard qualities.

One of my meds has been out 10 months and now two are due in, in May 2016, and that’s an estimate only and if I didn’t keep on top of things I’d be very sick and back in hospital, and it still could happen!

So if you want to keep updated on what’s going on go to——-and register and keep in touch  with your doctor and pharmacist.

I’m lucky to have this knowledge and a great  pharmacy that looks after me with a good doctor that orders  a stock pile of meds so I try not to run out.

You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.