Story 45 Clonazepam

A woman from the Ottawa area writes:
I wish to report my own story about a medication that I have relied on for over twenty years and that, about two months ago or more, it was reported to me that this medication is backordered.
The medication is APOTEX clonazepam of which I take .25 mg twice daily.  Through trial and error over the years, my doctors and I have learned that ONLY the APOTEX clonazepam is effective for me.  Yes, I realize that there should be NO difference between companies on the same medication; however, in my case, that is how it is.
So, the medication is backordered and my pharmacist has said that clonazepam in general is beginning to run low.
I absolutely must have this medication in order to function.  I am quite convinced that if I cannot have this medication that I would become suicidal and would possibly even commit suicide without it.  The dosage is very, very low but the little bit of it that I need is life-saving to me.
So, given that the medication is no longer available at the moment, what am I doing?  Well, the pharmacy has the 2 mg tablets made by APOTEX.  So, the best that could be done is to cut the tablets into four which means that each quarter tablet is .5 mg.  It is impossible to cut the tablet into eighths without having it crumble.  So, initially I tried taking it once a day but that didn’t work as at the near end of the 24 hour cycle, the effects of the drug were too thinned out (and I begin to have serious anxiety symptoms).  Then, I tried taking it twice daily (double the proper dosage) and what happened was that I found myself sleeping hours upon hours throughout the daytime when I should have been awake and alert.  So, that was unacceptable.  Finally, what happened is that my husband suggested that I take the .5 mg tablet ONCE every 18 hours. Obviously, this is awkward but it turned out to be the only workable solution.  I was able to become properly functional.  HOWEVER, as my daughter (who is a student nurse) pointed out to my doctor during a recent visit, this solution is probably NOT sustainable in the long run!!  And, I must keep a diary all the time in doing this.  I tried to program the clock on my smartphone to remind me but that was simply a no-go technologically for some reason. So, I keep track with paper and pen. So far, so good.
So, that is my story at the moment.  I am patiently waiting for the .5 mg APOTEX clonazepam tablets to become re-stocked at my pharmacy so that I can once again cut them in half and take .25 mg twice daily.  The way it works at present is that I take one at 6:00 pm on one day, then at noon the next day, then at 6:00 am the day after that, and finally I take it at midnight and 6:00 pm the final day; then the cycle repeats every 3 days.  It means I MUST wake up at midnight twice during the week.  It means I must be extra, extra diligent in watching that I do not miss a dosage.
Please record my story. One day it may be very much needed.  Thank you.