Story 48 Acebutolol (Sectral) — again!

A woman in Ontario writes….

I have been taking Sectral, a Beta Blocker, since the late 90s and it has worked very well for me. I recently had quite an experience getting my prescription filled. I started with the [local] Costco where I usually fill my prescriptions and the associate said that they are having a problem getting the medicine and suggested I try another pharmacy chain. I went to Rexall where I had the same problem – Sectral is not available. I ended up at a … Shoppers Drug Mart which happened to have a bottle in stock. I filled out paper work, Costco faxed over my prescription, and two hours later I was home with the bottle of pills in my hand.

I have googled the pharmaceutical company who makes Sectral (Aventis) and will call them next week to see if I can get more information about the

I am upset that I may have to switch to a new Beta Blocker as this will create a host of issues for me. I have tried other versions of Sectral which do not work for me. I can’t understand why there is a shortage of this medicine after all these years – end of patent? or lack of clientele?

My story is just one in the overall drug shortage problems that you have encountered, but I would appreciate your letting me know if you reach any conclusion, or if you have any other person whom I should write to.

Webmaster comment: we’ve seen this problem before (See Story 27). She should write to her MP and her MPP!! and send them the link to our recent study.’s-drug-shortage-problem