Story 54 – Verapamil — again!

A woman in North York writes….

I’m contacting you regarding a shortage of verapamil 240mg SR.  The shortage began in March 2019, I was informed by my pharmacist that the medication I’ve been taking for over 20 years was no longer available.  I was told to check with my doctor as to what alternative there was, after lots of back and forth it was decided I should take verapamil 120mg SR , just double the dose. Unfortunately verapamil 120mg SR is the only one in the verapamil family not covered by Ontario Drug Plan, which causes me financial hardship, so far I’ve had to pay for six months.
I’ve tried to follow up with the pharmaceutical company Mylan, producer of verapamil, in March I was told the restock date would be July, in July they said the date was now September, in August they admitted they don’t know when it would be restocked.

I’m 87 years old, you can imagine how frustrating this situation is.