Story 57 – Dessiccated thyroid, yet again!

A woman in Kelowna writes …

I was one of the hypothyroid people who insisted against great resistance from my doctor that I be prescribed a natural desiccated thyroid instead of the synthetic she wanted me to have for my hypothyroidism. We debated and finally I had to say to her “don’t make me go to my naturopath” before she agreed to it.

The reasons she gave were about the difficulty in trying to get the dosage correct using a natural version, and in my mind, they were a bit vague and not good enough. I got my way and felt somewhat better on this natural thyroid from Erfa and then the shortages began in Kelowna BC where I live.  I then found a compounding pharmacy who made it in a capsule with no talc or bad fillers and I felt way better on this form of natural desiccated thyroid than on the Erfa brand, which is a compressed tablet rather than a capsule.

I called [my] pharmacy today to renew my compounded medicine and they said “ “Hmm we are having a shortage even for the compounded – let me see if we have enough to give you another month’s supply.”  She came back saying they did, but it got me wondering about why on earth this shortage of natural dessiccated porcine thyroid is happening at all? Where does the raw ingredient come from? Is this some kind of weird conspiracy to get everyone taking the synthetic form only? Why was my doctor really so hesitant to prescribe it in the first place?

It’s very weird and I don’t know what to think. I do know that the compounded version of natural desiccated thyroid is unmistakably better and I have a friend who also switched to the compounded formula from the Erfa brand due to the shortage and she feels better too.  I’m not sure why, but I suspect it must be the fillers..
Any insight about any of this is appreciated!