Story 58 – Losartan and other blood pressure drugs

A reader in London Ontario writes:


My physician had ordered a refill of Losartan which had had been controlling my blood pressure well.  It was not available.

She ordered her second choice, which was also not available.

She finally ordered a medication that the pharmacy could get for me. Now I hear that that third medication is not available at some pharmacies.

This situation presents a huge problem for people who travel, as travel insurance considers this a medication change and it puts the person in the medically unstable group at a great financial cost–if it is available at all.   This now impacts travel across provincial borders for those of us in Ontario.

Furthermore, in a country that is contemplating a pharmacare program, its implementation may be either worse or better for the consumer depending on the ability of the government to hold the drug companies to a commitment.

And for someone with high blood pressure the uncertainly exacerbates the condition!