Story 59 – Losartan again

A reader from northern Ontario writes:

I am also caught in the shortage of Losartan 100 mg and with previous writers, I fear for the future. I ran into the shortage issue in October 2019. Being the kind of patient who does as he/she is told and think little of the pills.

Well a day or two without the Losartan I was experiencing light headiness upon rising and walking. After 4 days of complete abandonment of the druggist and a lack of communication between parties my family doctor found a supply and I found immediate relief and a blood pressure of 120/80 (72 year old male).

So life is going to be good for 90 days ,and then my life will be in danger and no one seems to be doing anything about it. We need a made-in-Canada solution with perhaps, Government intervention in producing important drugs instead of allowing private industry to rape and pillage the Canadian public for share holders profits.