Media Reports – Africa

Africa — alphabetical by country

[International] Fiona Barry, Supersized Asia and Africa deal to make Merck pill but COVID drug shortage persists, Pharmaceutical Technology, 4 April 2022.

[International] Anon., Africa, Southeast Asia ask drug companies to share coronavirus vaccine knowledge, Washington Post, 1 March 2021.

[International] Stacey L. Adams, COVID-19 antimalarial shortages affected rheumatology patients’ physical, mental health, Healio, 7 November 2020. Report

[International] Kevin Kunzman, Rheumatic patients in Africa and Asia faced hydroxychlorquine shortagae due to COVID-19, HCP live, 3 November 2020.

[International] Leslie Young, WHO warns of critical shortage of HIV drugs due to coronavirus, GLobal News, 6 July 2020.

[International] Jordan Kelly-Linden, Malaria deaths could double this year due to shortages of life-saving drugs and equipment, Telegraph, 1 July 2020.

[International] South Centre, Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines,Training Paper 1, South Centre, 3 December 2019.

[International] Isabel Frost et al., Access Barriers to Antibiotics, Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy, 11 April 2019.

[International]  Anon., Lack of access to antibiotics is a a major global health challenge, Counsel & Heal, 1 May 2019. See CDDEP report here.

[Algeria] A. Nadir, Rupture de medicaments en Algérie: les malades du cancer n’auront-ils plus aucun espoir? Emergent Monde, 22 July 2022. See also here

[Algeria] Anon., Drug shortage: health minister pledges sanctions, Algérie Presse Service, 28 August 2019.

[Angola] Anon, En Angola, le fléau persistant et meurtrier du paludisme Sciences et Avenir, 7 March 2018.

[Botswana] Barne Piet, Parliament dismisses motion [for commission of inquiry] on drug shortage The Voice, 22 December 2022.

[Botswana] Kabelo Difolon., MPs doubts on causes of drug shortage, The Voice, 1 November 2022.

[Botswana] Kabelo Adamson, Madigele admits drug shortage in public hospitals, The Voice, 20 February 2019.

[Botswana] Ketumile Ramatiti, CMS blames suppliers for drug shortage, Weekend Post, 9 July 2018.

[Botswana] Ketumile Ramatiti, Ministry wants to reform [Princess] Marina [hospital], Weekend Post, 3 July 2018.

[Botswana] Bakani Mosojane, Francistown clinics hit by shortage of drugs, Patriot, 11 June 2018.

[Botswana] Kabo Keaketswe, Okavanobo DHMT in short of drugs supply,, 5 June 2018.

[Botswana] Tsaone Basimanebotlhe, Drug shortage hits Tlokweng clinics, Mmegi online, 28 February 2018.

[Botswana] Pini Bothoko, Mkagato aware of drug shortages, MMegionline, 2 August 2017.

[Botswana] Anon. No Plans for clinics to operate 24 hours, All, 20 December 2015.

[Congo] Rose Shennan, Ebola vaccine new medicatiocauses controversy aftera shortage of supply, Edinburgh News, 6 August 2019.

[Egypt] Asmaa Mostafa., Why Egyptians are struggling to find their medicine, Ahram, 26 December 2023.

[Egypt] Anon., Local companies fulfill 90% of Egypts needs of medicinal drugs, Egypt TOday, 5 November 2022.

[Egypt] Al Masry Al Youm, Cabinet refutes claims that Egypt is short on coronavirus treatment drugs, Egypt Independent, 10 November 2020.

[Egypt] Nourhan Zaki, Egyptian drug authority denise shortage of medications, Egypt Today, 2 October 2020.

[Egypt] Anon., A drug delivery app takes pharmacy to the next level, KAWA, 11 August 2020.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Egyptian drug authority cautions against excessive use of vitamins [and stockpiling] Egypt Independent, 4 June 2020.

[Egypt] Hadeer el-Mahdawy, As COVID-19 builds, pharmacy shelves run out of vital drugs, Mada Mas, 13 April 2020.

[Egypt] Samar Samir, Prices of some medicines soar despite currency stability against US dollar, Egypt Today, 11 May 2019.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al-Youm, Amid drug shortage, Egyptian Facebook users launch charity, Egypt Independent, 24 September 2018.

[Egypt] Marina Gamil, Egypt’s insulin stock to suffice patients’ need for 4 months, Egypt Today, 13 April 2018.

[Egypt] Anon. Pharmaceutical drug prices to increase by up to 50% [due to shortages] says health ministry official, Egypt Independent, 17 January 2018.

[Egypt] Farah Tawfeek, Ex-president of state-owned drug company faces imprisonment for casuing penicillin shortage crisis, Egypt Independent, 20 December 2017.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al-Youm, Public pharmaceutical company former chief accused of causing penicillin shortage, Egypt Independent, 19 December 2017.

[Egypt] Al Masry Al Youm, Drug shortage crisis hits Egypt again, Egypt Independent, 17 December 2017.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Drug shortages hit Egypt, patients resort to blackmarket, Egypt Independent, 27 September 2017.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Health ministry says drug shortage figures aim to cause confusion, Egypt Independent, 20 September 2017.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Rights watchdog detects shortage of 1420 drugs in August, Egypt Independent, 18 September 2017.

[Egypt] Nayrouz Talaat, Online platforms help sick Egyptians find drugs, Al Monitor, 22 February 2017.

[Egypt] Reuters, Egyptians go for herbal remedies as economic crisis causes drug shortage, Decca Chronicle, 16 January 2017.

[Egypt] Anon. Egypt is on right track after pounds fluctuation…[raising prices by 15% and 20% on local and imported medicines],,15 January 2017.

[Egypt] Dahlia Kohlaif et al., Egypt grapples with drug shortage brough on by currency devaluation, Wall Street Journal, 11 December 2016.

[Egypt] Farid Farid, Egyptians turn Twitter into a pharmacy during nationwide drug shortage, Motherboard, 6 December 2016. See also Vice.

[Egypt] Mohammed Saied, Why can’t Egyptians get the drugs they need? Al-Monitor, 29 November 2016.

[Egypt] Justin Stoltzfus, Egypt wrestles with critical drug shortages [insulin, cancer drugs, contraceptives], Gulf News, 27 November 2016.

[Egypt] Arwa Gaballa, Currency drop hits Egypt’s medicine supplies, angering public, Reuters, 22 November 2016. See also here.

[Egypt] Hend El Bahary, Egyptian patients scream amid life-saving drug shortages, Egypt  Independent, 22 November 2016.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al Youm, Cabinet think tank denies shortage in insulin supply, Egypt Independent, 11 November 2016.

[Egypt] Michelle Maskaly, Drug shortage prompts 20% price increase, Healthcare packaging, 17 May 2016.

[Egypt] Anon. Egypt raises drug prices to battle shortage, AHRAMonline, 16 May 2016. See also Reuters.

[Egypt] Al-Masry Al-Youm, Dollar crisis hits pharma industry, causing shortages possible production halt, Egypt Independent, 18 March 2016.

[Egypt] PM Editor, Egypt pharmacies missing medications due to dollar crisis, Palestine Telegraph, 13 March 2016.

[Egypt] Mostapha Hashem, In Egypt medicines disappear from shelves as dollar crisis bites, Reuters, 10 February 2016.

[Egypt] Amina Abdul Salam, New factory to combat drug shortage, The Egyptian Gazette, 25 June 2013.

[Eswatini] Silas Isenjia, Catholic entity in Eswatini perturbed by stockouts of medicine, call for urgent action, Acia Africa, 10 February 2024

[Ethiopia] O. Ogunjuyibe. Ethiopia’s forex crisis is causing a drug shortage, Ventures Africa, 22 March 2024. See also here

[Ethiopia] Anon, Tigray patients dying because of drug shortages, New Delhi Times, 6 January 2022.

[Ethiopia] Anon., Pharmaceutical manufacturers performing poorly due to currency shortages, Ezega News, 22 May 2019.

[Equatorial Guinea] Samuel Obiang, Equatorial Guinea struggles with drugs shortage as pandemic strikes, Yahoo News, 7 August 2021. See also here

[Gambia] Momodou Jawo, I want to leave a good legacy not to enrich myself [denies shortages], The Point, 13 December 2020.

[Gambia] Kebba Jeffang, When actions contradict policy: horrific healthcare services in Gambia, Foroyaa Newspaper, December 2018. See also here.

[Gambia] Fatou B.Cham, Shortage of medicines may soon be history [National drug policy to ensure essential medicines supply]. The Point, August 2017.

[Ghana] Anon., Shortage of antiretroviral drugs looms: over 200 containers stuck at port, Ghana Web, 16 March 2024.

[Ghana] Anon., Drug shortage looming, Ghana Web, 25 August 2022.

[Ghana] Ridwan Karim Dini-Osman, Pregnant women, children with HIV in Ghana struggle to access medicine, The World, 14 September 2021.

[Ghana] Martina Bugri, Northern region experiences shortage of sulfaoxine for pregnant women, My Joy Online, 11 March 2021.

[Ghana] Anon., Malaria in pregnancy may spike over shortage of suplhadoxine-pyramethamine, Modern Ghana, 25 February 2021. See also here

[Ghana] Anon., Antiretroviral drug runs out; 3 patients compelled to share one bottle, Modern Ghana, 5 December 2020.

[Ghana] Editorial, Let’s avert shortage of anti-retroviral drugs, Ghana Times, 25 July 2020. See also here

[Ghana] Albert Futukpor, Christian Children’s Fund donates drugs to Health Directorate, Ghana News  Agency, 28 January 2020 See also here.

[Ghana] Daniel Kaku, Tobain Foundation gives drugs to Ampain Refugee Camp, Modern Ghana, 26 June 2019.

[Ghana]  Daniel Kaku, Shortage of drugs hit Ampain Refugee Camp in Ellembelle, Ghana Web, 25 June 2019.

[Ghana] Anon., Tema: drug shortage hts Tetteh-Ocloo School for the Deaf, Modern Ghana, 16 October 2018.

[Ghana] Eric Joe Ayivi, Maternal deaths loom in B/A as drug shortage hits maternity home, Modern Ghana, 14 December 2017.

[Ghana] Abdul Karim Naatogmah, Drug shortage affecting mentally ill persons, CitiFM online, 9 November 2017.

[Ghana] Anon. Drug shortage hits Boamang health centre, Ghanaweb, 26 May 2017.

[Ghana] Anon. Phinas pharmacy intervenes in psychiatric hospital drug shortage, Ghanaweb, 26 October 2016.

[Ghana] Anon., Drug shortage hits Sunyani Central Prisons Infirmary, Ghanaweb, 24 June 2016.

[Ghana] Anon., HIV campaign in Western region in danger, Ghanaweb, 28 October 2015,

[Ghana] Anon., Nandom district runs out of pharmaceuticals,, 25 July 2015.

[Ghana] Efua Idan Osam, We need antiretroviral drugs now–HIV patients, Citifmonline, 15 May 2015.

[Ghana] Graphic Online, Drug shortage hits Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Citi FM Online, 26 August 2014.

[Ghana] Ghana Web, Korle-Bu faces drug shortage [magnesium sulphate], GhanaWeb, 21 July 2014

[Ghana] Ghana Web, HIV patients risk developing residence as drug shortage hits Ghana, HIV Haven, 21 June 2012.

[Kenya] John Muchangi, Distributors explain shortage, high cost of asthma inhalers, Star, 24 January 2024.

[Kenya] Mercy Kahenda, Fear of new TB infections after drugs shortage hits sixth month, The Standard Health, 14 October 2023.

[Kenya] Leon Lidigu, Crisis as Kemsa runs out of essential dislysis, ICU, surgical drugs, Nation, 17 September 2023.

[Kenya] Nikko Tanui, Shock of only three types of drugs at referral hospital. Standard Media, 7 September 2022. See also here

[Kenya] Alice Wanjiru, Goernor moves to address drugs shortage,Kenya News,  2 September 2022.

[Kenya] Irungo Mwangi, Kirinyaga County unveils new health management system, [real time measures of stock] Kenya News, 13 February 2021.

[Kenya] Collins Omulo, KEMSA distances itself from NMS, Cirty Hall drug shortage,, 17 September 2021.

[Kenya] Anon., Crisis looms in city health centres, Business Daily, 15 September 2021.

[Kenya] Lucy Mkanyika, Taita county denies shortage of essential drugs in health facilities, allAfrica, 3 September 2021.

[Kenya] Anon., KEMMSA delivers Sh90 million drugs to Garissa, Kenya News Agency, 27 July 2021. See also here

[Kenya] Ashlee Banks, Dispute between US Aid Agency and Kenya causing HIV drug shortage, Essence, 27 April 2021. See also here, here

[Kenya] Tom Odula, HIV drugs run short in Kenya, Star Tribune, 24 April 2021. See also here

[Kenya] BBC, Kenya ends tussle causing HIV drugs shortage [eliminates tax on donation], My Joy online, 7 April 2021. See also here, here, here, here, here, here

[Kenya] Raquel Mulgai, Govt, USAID tax row stalls distribution of ARV drugs, Citizen TV, 5 April 2021.

[Kenya] Gatonye Gathura, NGOs protest America plan to slash HIV funding again, Standard Health, 2 April 2021. 

[Kenya] John Munchangi, Babies to suffer most in Sh90m ARV tax stand off, Star, 2 April 2021.

[Kenya] Wycliffe Nyamasege, Alarm as people living with HIV decry shortage of ARV drugs in Kenya, Kahawa Tungu [bitter-sweet], 23 March 2021. See also here here and  here

[Kenya] Mulu Nzivo et al., Patients decry shortage of drugs in Kajiado [for 6 mos], Kenya News Agency, 19 March 2021.

[Kenya] Mercy Kahenda et al. Why HIV patients are scared of COVID-19, Standard, 15 March 2021.

[Kenya] Stanley Njenga, Kiambu upgrading health facilities in heightened war on diseases, The Star, 28 January 2021.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Lack of HIV lifesaving drug septin puts patients at risk, as govt cites supply nitches, AllAfrica, 1 December 2020.

[Kenya] Ian Omondi, 22 new COVID-19 cases confirmed as health ministry notes drug shortage, CITIZEN TV, 5 October 2020.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Lives at risk as public hospitals run out of ARVs,, 8 September 2020.

[Kenya] Mactilda Mbenywe, Pregnant women miss vital malaria medicine, The Standard, 22 August 2020.

[Kenya] Editorial, Fix Kemsa once and for all to end drug woes [other diseases neglected], The Standard, 18 August 2020.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, KEMSA procures PPEs at double market price, Daily Nation, 14 August 2020.

[Kenya] Elizabeth Ojina, Key cerebral palsy drug [rivotril] vanishes from shelves, Daily Nation, 18 July 2020.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Shortage of crucial cancer drug [morphine] blamed on delay to order, Daily Nation, 19 February 2020.

[Kenya] Edith Chepng’eno, Kemsa on spot as drug shortage bites in N Rift: medical agency blamed, Daily Nation, 27 January 2020.

[Kenya] Harold Odhlambo et al, Stock-outs lead to drug resistance among patients, The Standard, 30 November 2019.

[Kenya] Jeremiah Mueni, Public health facilities in Nairobi to get drugs from KEMSA, Capital News, 26 October 2019.

[Kenya] Elizabeth Merab, Pharmacists threaten to increase cost of drugs, Nation, 10 October 2019.

[Kenya] Lameck Baraza, MP wants Kemsa paid by Treasury to end drug shortages in county hospitals, Star, 1 October 2019.

[Kenya] Isaac Kaledzi, Why Kenya faces imminent drug shortage, Africa Feeds, 30 September 2019.

[Kenya] Magdalene Saya, Drug distributors seek pre-shipment inspection exemption, Star, 27 September 2019.

[Kenya] Jane Cherotich, Meet governors to resolve country cash crisis, Star, 22 August 2019.

[Kenya] Martin Ombima, Medics under watch over drug theft in Vihiga, The Star, 9 August 2019.

[Kenya] Anon. Leaders raise concern over shortage of drugs, Kenya News Agency, 8 August 2019.

[Kenya] Hesborn Etyang, Patients decry shortage of drugs in Turkana, The Star, 10 August 2019.

[Kenya] Graham Kajilwa, No ARV shortage, assures ministry The Standard, 23 June 2019.

[Kenya] Stephen Russo, Scheme hatched to prevent drug theft, The Standard, 5 July 2019.

[Kenya] Maureen Kinyanjui, City Hall now targets year-round supply of drugs to end shortage crisses, Star, 19 June 2019.

[Kenya] Graham Kajilwa, Why simple STIs may soon lack drugs, The Standard, 10 June 2019.

[Kenya] Caleb Kingwara, Hospital runs out of drugs, The Standard, 7 June 2019.

[Kenya] Olivia Odhiambo, Siaya public hospitals hit by drug shortage, The Standard, 29 May 2019.

[Kenya] Mark Mwithaga, Samburu County hospital runs out of TB drugs, Pulse Kenya, 9 May 2019.

[Kenya] Carson Jnr, Crisis at Masalani hospital over acute drug shortage, Hivisasa, 20 April 2019.

[Kenya] Aggrey Omboki, Nairobi tops debt list as drug shortage looms, Daily Nation, 16 April 2019.

[Kenya] Eddy Mwanza, Kenya’s top drug supplier issues warning, Kenyans, 16 April 2019.

[Kenya] Amina Wako, Revealed: Cause of drugs shortage in Nairobi health facilities [gov’t did not pay], Nairobi News, 2 April 2019.

[Kenya] Collins Omulo, City hospitals battling drugs shortage as Sonko donates food in West Pokot, AllAfrica, 27 March 2019. See also here and here, suppliers, and here re theft.

[Kenya] John Muchangi, Hospitals ordered to put patients on the new ARV to avert shortage of drug, Star, 13 February 2019.

[Kenya] Anon., Drug shortage hits Mama Lucy hospital patients forced to leave as crisis bites, 29 January 2019.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Key hurdles likely to derail grand healthcare plan, Daily Nation, 3 December 2018.

[Kenya] Hiton Otenyo, Crisis as massive drug shortage hits Kakamega County Hospital, The Star, 8 November 2018. See also here

[Kenya] Anon., Ministry has adequate HIV drugs,, test kits, Daily Nation, 20 August 2018.

[Kenya] Anon., Kemsa denies cutting off supplies to counties, Daily Nation, 10 August 2018. See also here.

[Kenya] Anon., Crisis looms as hospitals go without drugs, Daily Nation, 4 August 2018. See also here, and here

[Kenya] James Muchai, Deputy governor dismiss claims of drug shortage in Kwale, Kenya News Agency, 26 July 2018. See also here.

[Kenya] Ernest Cornel, County declares war on medicine cartels, The Star Kenya, 12 April 2018.

[Kenya] Elvanis Ronoh, Why there will be no more shortage of drugs in county health facility,, 14 March 2018. See also here.

[Kenya] Joseph Muchiri, Embu MCAs accuse medics of attending to patients while drunk [hoarding drugs], The Standard, 1 March 2018.

[Kenya] Lucy Mkanyika, Medics decry lack of equipment in Voi public hospitals, Daily Nation, 28 February 2018.

[Kenya] John Nalianya, Bungoma buys Sh47m drugs to end shortage, The Star, 13 February 2018.

[Kenya] Rachel Atieno, Uasin Gishu health CeC proposes measures to curb drug shortages, HIVsasa, 1 February 2018.

[Kenya] Alex Njeru, Drugs shortage hits Tharaki-Nithi hospitals, The Nation, 18 December 2017.

[Kenya] John Nalianya, Bungoma hospitals hit by drug shortage, The Star, 19 January 2017.

[Kenya] Dennis N, County Health Chief Officer allays fears of drug shortages, hivisasa, 22 November 2016.

[Kenya] Silah Koskei, Uasin Gishu county probe unearths cause of drug shortage [underfunding; distribution problems], The Standard, 11 October 2016.

[Kenya] Johusa Khisa, Probe into hospital drug shortage begins, hivisasa, 8 September 2016.

[Kenya] Jackson Brighton, Delay of funds to counties a result of drug shortages–Maangi, hivisasa, 19 August 2016.

[Kenya] Anon., Kemsa signs drug agreement with Bungoma County [re essential medicines], Standard digital, 11 August 2016.

[Kenya] Dalton Nyabundi, Digital platform to reduce medicine theft in15 counties, Standard digital, 2 August 2016.

[Kenya] Dickens Luvanda, Uasin Gishu to establish drug store in the county, hivisasa, 17 July 2016

[Kenya] Graham Kajitwa, Shortage of vital drug [tratuzumab] pushes cancer patients beyond their means, Standard media, 3 July 2018.

[Kenya] Philemon Komen, KEMSA cuts off supply of drugs over debt, hivisasa, 24 June 2016.

[Kenya] William Maina, Nyamira residnets lament over drug shortage in hospitals, hivisasa, 27 May 2016.

[Kenya] Abuga Makori, jnr, Ongwae flags off drugs to county dispensaries, Kisii County News,, 23 March 2016.

[Kenya] Elisha Otieno, Drugs for Migori Hospital sold in Tanzania. all, 21 March 2016.

[Kenya] Felix Kipkemoi, Rutto blames KeMSA [Kenya Medical Supplies Agency] for drug shortage, The Star, 14 March 2016.

[Kenya] Anon., Acute drug shortage hits public hospitals in Laikipia, Kenya Broadcasting Company, 3 November 2015.

[Kenya] Eunice Kilonzo, Patients relieved as kidney drugs arrive., 2 October 2015.

[Kenya] Angela Oketch, Power games blamed for shortage of drugs, Daily Nation, 30 October 2014.

[Kenya] R. K. Sudoi et al, The magnitude and trend of artemether-lumefantrine stock-outs at public health facilities in Kenya, Malaria Journal 10.1186: 8 February 2012.

[Liberia] Ishmael F. Menkor,  Nimba public health centers in crisis, Liberian Observer, 3 March 2022.

[Liberia] Ishmael F. Menkor, Ganta leprosy & TB centre experiences drug shortage, Liberian Observer, 22 March 2021.

[Liberia] Ishmael F. Menkor, Amidst COVID-19 medical facilities in Nimba face shortage of drugs, Liberian Observer, 15 July 2020.

[Liberia] Anon., Maternal health servives under stress amidst COVID-19, Liberian Observer, 13 July 2020.

[Liberia] AFP, Critical condition: Liberia’s hospitals battle deadly shortages, The East African, 4 July 2019. See also here.

[Liberia] Jefferson Daryoue, Margibi’s Rep Ivar Jones distributes medical drugs to public health facilities, The Bush Chicken, 15 February 2019.

[Liberia] Anon., Lack of drugs, fuel at Gov’t hospitals claims lawmakers’ attention, Front Page Africa, 8 February 2019. See also herehere, and here.

[Liberia], Anon., Health Minister Jallah on drug shortage, New Dawn, 6 February 2019.

[Liberia] Anon., Major referral hospitals on the brink of shutdown, Front Page Africa, 6 February 2019.

[Liberia] Thomas Domah, Government hospital turns prescription center, The New Dawn, 22 January 2019.

[Liberia] Anon., Liberians call for reintroduction of revolving drugs fund in health sector, Front Page Africa, 6 November 2018.

[Liberia] Joseph Titus Yekeryan, Drug shortage hits Naama Clinic in Bong, New Dawn, 26 June 2018.

[Liberia] Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, FPA Major public health center in dire strait – risks collapse due to limited budgetary support, Front Page Africa Online, 18 Aprl 2018.

[Liberia] Hannah Geterminah, Tapitta residents seek help for JFD hospital, 22 Daily Observer, May 2018.

[Liberia] Gbatemah Senah, Efforts announced to end shortage of HIV drugs, The Bush Chicken, 30 May 2018.

[Liberia] Arrington Ballah, Health workers meetin in Nimba to brainstorm solutions to drug shortages, The Bush Chicken, 9 April 2018

[Liberia] Sampson David, Bassa’s 5th district rep. Goshua outlinesplans to address drug shortages, The Bush Chicken, 11 March 2018.

[Liberia] Joseph Titus Yekeryan, Local clinic suffers drug shortage in Bong [paracetomol, worm medicine] The New Dawn, 5 January 2018.

[Liberia] Zeze Ballah, Dahn”drugs supply chain a major challenge to health ministry, The Bush Chicken, 28 September 2017.

[Liberia] Jefferson Daryoue, Candidate Ivar Jones donates drugs to health facilities ahead of campaigning, Bush Chicken, 31 July 2017.

[Liberia] Jefferson Daryoue, Drugs shortage hits Dolo Town health center, Bush Chicken, 5 July 2017.

[Liberia] Zeze Ballah, Battling epilepsy amid a drug shortage, The Bush Chicken, 2 May 2017.

[Liberia] Selena N. Lomax, Tellewoyan Hospital in Lofa county suffers drugs shortage, Front Page Africa, 10 December 2016. See also allAfrica.

[Liberia] Anon. Locals in Zorcor decry drug shortage at Curran Lutheran hospital, Front Page Africa online, nd approx. 15 June 2016.

[Liberia] Kerry Sheridan. Shortage of malaria drug points to better treatment for Ebola [MSF study], Yahoo News, 6 January 2016.

[Liberia] Winston W. Parley, Liberia: More drugs shortage still at central prison, All Africa, 9 January 2014.

[Libya] Safa Alharathy, 70 people with AIDS die due to lack of medicines, The Libya Observer, 7 May 2018.

[Libya] Ismail Akwei, Libya’s HIV patients bear brunt of drug shortages despite WHO support, Africa News, 4 January 2017.

[Malawi] Charles Pensulo, Pregnant women at risk in Malawi as drug shortage precents caesareans, The Guardian, 21 November 2021. See also here

[Malawi] Chisomo Phiri, Health facilities face acute stockouts of essential medicines, MAlawi 24, 25 October 2021. See also here

[Malawi] Owen Kamula, Hospitals hit with shortage of essential supplies, allAfrica, 2 September 2021.

[Malawi] Wanga Gwede, MCP urges Malwi govt to end precentable deaths, improve health service delivery,, 26 February 2020

[Malawi] Steve Nhlane, 10 Malawi chiefs as tourists in Zambia, Malawi Nyasa Times, 21 July 2018.

[Malawi] Zawadi Chilunga, Muluzi says will table bill to tackle theft of medical drugs in Malawi hospitals, Nysasa Times, 4 December 2017.

[Malawi] Anon., Indian doctors in Malawi to assist patients,, 3 March 2017.

[Malawi] Blessings Kang’Ombe, Health rights campaigners call for boost in budgetary support [for essential medicines], Capital Radio, 20 February 2017.

[Malawi] Victoria Milanzi, Malawi has enough drugs,, 8 February 2017.

[Malawi] Anon. Medical drug shortages hit Malawi public hospitals as DHOs exhaust budgets, Nyasa Times, 5 February 2017.

[Malawi] Martha Chikoti, 2016 has been a difficult year–nurses,, 24 December 2016.

[Malawi] Kelvin Tembo, Malawi yet to introduce child friends TB drugs, Capital Radio Malawi, 25 November 2016.

[Malawi] Mwayi Mkandawire, Drug theft continues three arrested in Dedza, Malawi 24, 16 June 2016.

[Malawi] Archangel Nzangaya, Trouble! Mwanza hospital hit by drug shortage, Malawi 24, 17 May 2016.

[Malawi] Elita Soko, Malawi Govt urged to step up fight against drug theft, Capital Radio, 3 May 2016.

[Malawi] Chinsisi Moyo, Drug shortage resurfaces at Malawi’s biggest hospital, Capital Radio Malawi, 20 April 2016.

[Malawi] Martha Chikoti, Malawian health workers behind drug shortage, Malawi 24, 25 February 2016.

[Malawi] Prince Henderson, CCJP expresses worry over social problems [food and drugs], Nyasa Times, 6 February 2016.

[Malawi] Maurice Nkawihe, Health worker arrested over drug theft, Nyasa Times, 27 January 2016.

[Malawi] Alfred Chauwa Government shocked with drug shortage reports, Nyasa Times, 26 December 2015.

[Malawi] Owen Khamula, Gagging of Public hospital spokespersons is retrogressive, Nyasa Times, 27 October 205.

[Malawi] Happy Arold Soko, Malawi admires Zambia [orders prayers for drug shortage and other woes],, 20 October 2015.

[Malawi] Staff Reporter, Drug shortage hits Malawi public hospitals, Nyasa Times, 24 March 2015.

[Malawi] Hudson Mphande, KCH suspends elective surgeries: Malawi drug shortage ‘crisis’, Nyasa Times, 19 August 2014.

[Malawi] Alfred Chauwa, Drug shortage to continue plague Malawi health care, Nyasa Times, 10 August 2014.

[Malawi] Imani M. Cheers, Preventing drug shortages with cell phones in Malawi, PBS NewsHour, 8 May 2013.

[Malawi] Rex Chikoko, Drug shortage hits Malawi, Africa Review, 1 September 2011.

[Malawi] Claire Ngozo, Painkillers prescribed for malaria amid drug shortage. All Africa, 16 November 2011.

[Malawi] Rebecca Chimjeka, Donors Save Malawi on drug shortage,, 8 January 2012.

[Morocco] Basma el Atti, Morocco pharmacists protest COVID-19 crisis, amid ministry denials of drug shortages, Al Araby, 17 Janaury 2022.

[Morocco] Khadija Khettou, Santé; Le zinc et la vitamine C en rupture dans les pharmacies, Hespress, 28 October 2020.

[Mauritius], Anon., Animaux, les vétérinaires manquent de produits euthanasiants, L’Express, 29 October 2020.

[Morocco] Latifa Babas, Pharmacies warn of COVID-19 drug shortages, Yabiladi, 1 September 2020. Denied

[Morocco] Chaima Lahsini, Pediatric drug shortage: Ministry of health denies stock-out, says allegations based on false data, Morocco World News, 5 August 2017.

[Namibia] Charlotte Nambadja, Asthma patients fear COVID-19 amid shortage of inhalers, The Namibian, 7 July 2020. See also here

[Namibia] O Ngutjinazo et al, Namibian hospitals in ‘ICU’ over shortages of essential, Daily Maverick, 3 November 2019.

[Namibia] Adam Harman et al.Psychiatric centre battles medicine shortage, The Namibian, 5 August 2019.

[Namibia] Eveline de Klerk, Coast faces hepatitis drug shortage, New Era, 20 March 2018. See also here

[Namibia] Alvine Kapitako, Shortage of ARV’s at clinic, hospital, New Era, 1 April 2016.

[Namibia] Kuzeeko Tjitemisa, National pain over drug shortages. All Africa, 10 July 2014.

[Namibia] Theresia Tjihenuna, Namibia: Drugs shortage triggers panic, All Africa, 6 June 2014.

[Namibia] Theresia Tjihenuna, Namibia: Ministry denies drug shortage, All Africa, 23 August 2013.

[Namibia] Theresia Tjihenuna, Drug shortage hits Govt medical stores, The Namibian, 22 August 2013.

[Nigeria] NE Abdulrasheed, Nigeria’s drug crisis: the unintended consequence of economic policies, BNN, 14 January 2024.

[Nigeria] U Zaccheus, GSK exit sparks 1000% surge in drug prices, Brandspurng, 19 November 2023. See also here here

[Nigeria] Anon., Drug supply shortage in Nigeria during COVID-19. Doc wire news, 23 January 2021.

[Nigeria] Stanley Akpunonu, Pharmacists canvass modern healthcare system, Guardian, 29 October 2020.

[Nigeria] Patience Ivie Ihejirika, Drug security: Why Nigeria must boost local production, Leadership, 6 October 2020.

[Nigeria] Anon., Nigeria, 72 others risk stock-out of HIV drugs because of COVID-19, Leadership, 7 July 2020.

[Nigeria] Anon., Waiver on import duty for medical supplies, The Sun, 30 May 2020.

[Nigeria] Anon., NAFDAC warns against use of chloroquine, Premium Times, 14 May 2020.

[Nigeria] Anon., Interview with Moje Adeyeye over shortages and drug security and COVID, Punch NG, 10 May 2020.

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