Media Reports – Asia: India Archive, 2012-

[India] Rupsa Chakraborty, We are being trargeted form BMC’s negligence — warning to 23 suppliers,, 19 May 2019.See also here.

BMC Chaitanya Marpakwar, cracks down on rogue medicine supply contractors; one blacklisted, 10 to be debarred, Mumbai Mirror, 17 May 2019.

[INdia] Srishti Choudary, How a deadly fungus [Candida auris] colonized India’s ICUs, Livemint, 15 May 2019.

[India] Chaitanya Marpakwar, Rogue drug suppliers to hosptials still in business, Mumbai Mirror 14 May 2019.

[India] Ankur Paliwal, Why India’s HIV infected children may not be getting medicines they need, Business Standard, 5 May 2019.

[India] Pushpa Narayan, Tamil Nadu turns down Karnataka request for anti-rabies vaccine vials, Times of India, 29 April 2019.

[India] Pushpa Narayan, Government hospitals run out of essential medicines Madurai News– Times of India, 26 April 2019.

[India] Shusheel Tikoo et al., Medicines shortage in GMC, Daily Excelsior, 26 April 2019.

[India], Anon., GMCH receives free drugs worth Rs 5.5L from pvt hospital, Times of India, 15 April 2019.

[India] Anon., Lack of drugs makes universal healthcare a distant dream, Times of India, 7 April 2019.

[India] Sushmi Dey, Acute shortage of anti-rabies  vaccine could trigger ban on export of drug, Times of India, 3 April 2019.

[India] Anon., IMA releases health manifesto; asks political parties to prioritise health, DNA, 18 March 2019.

[India] Malathy Iyer, Desi drug brings cheer to patients of a rare disease [D-penicillamine for Wilson’s disease], Times of India,17 March 2019.

[India] Vinod Kumar, Punjab: Rural health system still patchy, Times of India, 12 March 2019.

[India] Sushmi Dey, To cut import [of API from China] govt to boost production of drug ingredient, Times of India, 20 February 2019.

[India] Manzoor ul-Hassan, Drug shortage in Kashmir because pharma companies operate from Jammu, Kashmir Reader, 18 February 2019. See also here.

[India] Digvijay Chakravarty, Compounding pharmacies market trends shows a steady CAGR growth to 2024 [owing to shortages], Market Size Forecasters, 13 February 2019.

[India]  Anon., DIV takes cognisance of drug shortage reports, Kashmir Reader, 12 February 2019.

[India] Sohini Ghosh, At downsized VS hospital drug shortage poses new challenge, The Indian Express, 8 February 2019.

[India] Vikas Vaidya, DMER puts existing drug purchase process on hold for one year, Hitavada, 29 January 2019.

[India] Anon., ARK dismayed with shortage of ARV drugs in Dimapur, Morung Express, 23 January 2019.

[India] Anon. Dimapur: irregular supply, shortage of drugs, Nagaland Post, 22 January 2019.

[India] Durga Prasad Sunku, Hyderabad, Junior doctors take up issue of drug shortage, Deccan Chronicle, 4 January 2019.

[India] Ajay Joshi, Civil Hospital’s dispensary faves shortage of medicines, Tribune India, 4 January 2019.

[India] Arpita Sharad, Haffkine supply fails to help GMCH tide over drug crisis, Times of India, 29 December 2018.

[India] Anon., Drug crunch hits TSRTC hospital, The Hans, 27 December 2018.

[India] Rupsa Chakraborty, Mumbai: BMC hospitals hit by medicine shortage, Mid-Day, 6 December 2018.

[India] Akanksha Kumar, World AIDS Day 2018: From week to 15-day dose, Why HIV patients think the govt doesn’t care, The Quint, 28 November 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharad, GMCH drug shortage leaves AIDS patients in the lurch, Aurangabad News, Times of India, 21 November 2018.

[India] Anon., Centre AAP govt not ensuring regular supply of drugs to treat HIV plea in HC, The Week, 18 November 2018. See also here.

[India] Arpita Sharad, Lack of a thyroid facility a burden on the poor, Times of India, 30 October 2018.

[India] Anon., Official blames shortage of critical HIV drugs on supplier, Eastern Mirror, 29 October 2018.

[India] Anon., Shortabe of critical HIV, AIDS drugs in Dimapur reports, Eastern Mirror, 25 Otober 2018.

[India] Anshuman Gupta, AAP: gvot ignoring drug crisis, The Hindu, 20 October 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharad, Breather for GMCH as medicine stock arrives, The Times of India, 8 October 2018.

[India] Viswanath Pilla, Ndia may face medicine shortage after China cracks down on factories to check pollution, Money Control, 4 October 2018.

[India] Anon. Can Medicine shortage lead to medical emergency in the Country, FIT, 1 October 2018.

[India] Himani Chanda, Indian chemists warn of huge drug shortage as 328 antibiotics and anti-diabetic meds banned, The Print, 17 September 2018.

[India] Astha Saxena, Lack of medicines plague government hospitals in Delhi City, DNA, 9 September 2018.

[India] Reuters, Kerala flood: shortage of drug [to fight] bacterial disease [leptospirosis], DevDiscourse, 4 September 2018. See also here.

[India] Anonna Dutt, Lok Nayak hospital runs out of HIV medicines, shortages across city, Hindustan Times, 29 August 2018.

[India] Sumeer Singh, Cancer patients suffer as drugs fall short, Tribune India, 27 August 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharad, GMCH hit by drug shortages, private pharmacies make merry, Aurangabad News, Times of India, 27 August 2018.

[India] Anon., Kerala floods: cleanup after deluge, Deccan Chronicle, 21 August 2018. See also here, and here: no shortage predicted

[India] Anon., New drug purchase policy hitting CGHS beneficiaries hard [shortage of generics], The Hitavada, 18 August 2018.

[India] Swapnil Mishra, Mumbai shortage of HIV medcines at JJ Hospital, Free Press, 13 August 2018.

[India] Anon. Ensure no shortage of oxytocin, states told, Free Press, 7 August 2018. See also here.

[India] Alok Deshpande, Drug stocks dip, state stares at acute shortage, The Hindu, 2 August 2018.

[India] Editorial, Reconsider the ban on oxytocin, The Hindu, 2 August 2018. See also here.

[India] Divya Rajagopal, Oxytocin ban: drug makers report panic buying by hospitals, Economic Times, 26 July 2018. See also here.

[India] Ambika Sharma, Drug shortage feared as truckers stir on [strike]; EVery thrid drug in country is made in Himachal, Tribune, 24 July 2018.

[India] Lata Mishra, Mumbai: shortage of medicines in state-run hospitals forces patient to buy from chemist at high price, Mumbai Mirror, 24 July 2018. See also here.

[India] Afshan Yasmeen, Short supply of anti-fungal tables causes worry, The Hindu, 18 July 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharad, MLA pushes for generic medicine store at GMCH, Times of India, 14 July 2018.

[India] Manesh Sirhindi, Punjab: deaths due to shortage and not overdose of drugs, Times of India, 9 July 2018

[India] Adil Akhzer, Punjab doctors wan of epidemic if drug addicts start sharing syringes due to their shortage, The Indian Express, 8 July 2018.

[India] Manoj Viswanathan, Sales curbs on pain relievers: cancer patients in tight spot, New Indian Express, 6 July 2018.

[India] Ravi Chandel, Bathinda: Shortage of medicines ails Civil Hospital; patients suffer, Tribune, 4 July 2018.

[India] Abantika Ghosh, Price cap squeezes out key drug [FUROSEMIDE!!!!] for children with heart ailment, Indian Express, 23 June 2018.

[India] A. Raju, Telengana faces acute shortage of drug inspectors to carry out random sampling of medicines in the state, Pharmabiz, 22 June 2018.

[India] Denny John, Shortage of  medicines at public hospitals forcing poor to turn to private pharmacies, First Post, 13 June 2018.

[India] Manaka Rao, HIV drug shortage: another stock out of medicines for children hits centres across India, Scroll-In, 2 June 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharad, IV video:guilty will be punished, Aurangabad News, Times of India, 22 May 2018.

[India] Deepak Patel, Complaints with NPPA about drug shortage up 6-fold in 2017-18, Indian Express, 17 May 2018.

[India] Arun Sreenavasan, Industry warns of acute shortage as curbs on oxytocin manufacturing in private sector take effect on Juy 1, Pharmabiz, 3 May 2018. [a mysterious policy!]

[ndia] Ravi Chandel, Shortage of medicines ails Civil Hospital, Tribune, 26 April 2018.

[India] Yogesh Dubayl, Cancer patients hit by shortage of drugs at S N Medical College, Times of India, 23 April 2018

[India] Anon., Staff shortage [of drug inspectors] hinders Drug Control Agency’s functioning in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, New Indian Express, 3 April 2018.

[India] Laxmi Yadav, Acute shortage of life-saving drugs of GSK and Pfizer adversely affecting patients across the country, Pharmabiz, 26 March 2018.

[India] Sumeer Singh, Shortage of medicines hits [Punjab] health services, The Tribune, 16 March 2018.

[India] Anon., China accounts for 66 percent of India’s bulk drug importat in RY’17, Financial Express, 13 March 2018. See also here and here.

[India] Anon., Govt’s’ free drug promise hollow, Tribune India, 13 March 2018.

[India] Anon., State GMCs facing shortage of drugs, The Hitavada, 8 March 2018.

[India] Arun Sreenivasan, CDSCO’s move to curb Oxytocin misuse [in dairy industry] leaves industry fuming, PharmaBiz, 5 March 2018

[India] Bindiya Charil, Private pharmacies face shortage of anti-rabies drugs, Times of India, 2 March 2018. See also here.

[India] Tabassum Barnagawalla, Mumbai hospital faces medicine shortage, officials blame BMC procurement delay, The Indian Express, 20 Februrary 2018.

[India] Prabhat Nair, With no licensing authority, Kerala Ayurveda drug makes in crisis, The New Indian Express, 12 February 2018.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage leaves patients in lurch in MKCG Medical College, The New Indian Express, 4 February 2018.

[India] Manav Mander, Shortage of medicines hits Civil Hospital [Ludhiana], Tribune India, 18 January 2018.

[India] Mazoor-ul-Hassan, Hemophilia parients face threat to life as funds shortage [of Factor VIII] halts treatment, Kashmir Reader, 9 January 2018.

[India] Teena Thacker, DCGI bans import of drug ingredients from six Chinese firms, livemint, 8 January 2018.

[India] Arpita Sharadi, Price-controlled medicines store face shortage, Times of India, 8 December 2017.

[India] Ruchir Kumar, Drug shortage in government hospitals: Bihar to provide 102 medicines free to patients, Hindustan Times, 24 November 2017. See also here.

[India] Moushumi Basu, A tranquilizer shortage is holding back rhino management plans in India, Mongabay, 16 November 2017.

[India] Ayan Pramanik, Price controls will devalue health care system in India, Business Standard, 10 November 2017.

[India] Rabiya Bashir, Hemophiliacs suffers as SMHS cannot purchase drug [Factor VIII due to contamination and price hikes], Kashmir Monitor, 6 November 2017.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage at Tibbi hospital Charminar, Deccan Chronicle, 13 October 2017.

[India] Satinder Pal Singh, Medicine shortage hits patients hard, The Tribune, 11 October 2017.

[India] Anon., Post-Dokalam, India plans to reduce its drug dependence [of 70-80%] on China, News Nation, 9 October 2017.

[India] Sushmi Deyl, India plans to lessen its drug reliance on China, Times of India, 8 October 2017.

[India] Nitish Sharma, Shortage of painkiller at Ambala hospital, Tribune India, 7 September 2017.

[India] Peethaambaran Kunnathor, Ayurveda drug manufacturers in KEral face operational crisis due to lack of SLA for grant and renewal of licences, Pharmabiz, 29 September 2017.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Thalassemia drug shortage hurts patients at Maharashtra’s free treatment centres, Scroll In, 26 September 2017.

[India] Anon., Meerut faces 50% shortage of essential drugs, Times of India, 25 September 2017.

[India]] Govind Sharma, GMC Jammu, associated hospitals facing shortage of medicines, surgical items, Daily Excelsior, 24 August 2017.

[India] Nantoo Banerjee, Tax tool should push growth [GST causing shortages] Millenium Post, 21 August 2017.

[India] Prasad Joshil, GMCH’s drug bills pile up [shortage blamed on supply chain and GST], Aurangabad News Times of India, 14 August 2017.

[India] Viswanath Pilla, Natco shifts focus from US to India amidst pricing pressure and competition in former market, Money Control, 11 August 2017.

[India] Ravi Chandel, Drug pharmacy centre faces shortage of medicines, Tribune, 7 August 2017.

[India] Anon., AAP government bid to end drug shortage in Delhi hospitals[lets them buy on their own], Asian Age, 4 August 2017.

[India] Nitin B. We have no facilities but patients see us as villains, Telangana doctors air their woes, The News Minute, 2 August 2017.

[India] Anon., Essential drug shortages affecting health centres in Odisha, The New Indian Express, 27 July 2017.

[India] Anon., 18 drug inspectors, 12 lab assts may join FDA, Hitavada, 23 July 2017.

[India] EMN, Org demands termination of ‘absconding’ TB officer of [Tuensang district], Eastern Mirror, 19 July 2017. See also here, here

[India] Anon., Commission potency causes drug shortage in Kerala, Manarama Online, 18 July 2017.

[India] Ramesh Shankar, SoP withdraws order on Wilson’s disease drug, penicillamine, as production supply improves,, 17 July 2017. See reports August and November 2016 below.

[India] GKNN, Mian Altaf anguished over shortage of life saving drugs, Greater Kashmir, 17 July 2017.

[India] Sumitra Debroyl, Maharashtra FDA starts helpline to tacle h1N1 shortage, Times of India, 14 July 2017. See also here.

[India] Prabha Raghavan, Remedy post-GST medicine shortages, government tells pharma companies, Economic Times, 14 July 2017.

[India] Anon., By I-Day, UP farmers to be free of debt [govt create agency to supply hospitals] Times of India, 14 July 2017.

[India] R. Jagannathan, Blocked at Doklam, What will China do next? [hostilities might provoke drug shortage], Swarajya, 13 July 2017.

[India] Prabhat Nair, Remedial action needed in medicine market, The New Indian Express, 10 July 2017.

[India] Anon., Price of life-saving drugs set to increase, New Indian Express, 8 July 2017.

[India] Sumitra Debroyl, Antiviral to treat H1N1 no longer controlled-Mumbai, Times of India, 7 July 2017.

[India] PT Jyothi Datta, GST and medicine shortages, Business Line, 6 July 2017.

[India] Rachel Chitral, Drug shortage in several parts of Tamil Nadu, Times of India, 6 July 2017.

[India] Laxmi Yadav, NPPA asked to take action against drug firms denying supplies to distributors in West Bengal, 5 July 2017.

[India] Rupali Mukherjee, GST on medicines: essential drugs to be sold at non GST price till August, Times of India, 2 July 2017. See also here, herehere, herehere, and here.

[India] TNN, GST effect: drug-makers expect shortage of medicines, Times of India, 30 June 2017. See also Joe Mathew here. And many other reports here, here, here, and here

[India[ Viswanath Pilla, IPCA says US FDA import ban on drugs relates to change in supply shortage in US,, 20 June 2017. See also here.

[India] Sreemoyee Chatterjee, GST shift: online pharmacies in business as stores run out, Times of India, 27 June 2016. See also here.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Spooked by the GST transition, drug retailers shrink stocks to minimise losses,, 19 June 2017. See contradictions, Rupali Mukherjee and here.

[India] Anon. 30% surge in sale of diabetes, heart drugs, Ahmedabad News, Times of India, 18 June 2017. See also here.

[India] Zia-ul Haq, No effect of blacklisting, hospitals still short of essential drugs, Kashimir Reader, 16 June 2017.

[India] Anon., Medicine shortage likely after June 20, Ahmedabad News, Times of India, 13 June 2017. See also here.

[India] Sohini Das, Drug shortages likely during tax transition [effect of new GST], Business Standard, 9 June 2017

[India] PT Jyothi Datta, Pharma distributors still comig to terms with GST regime, The Hindu, 6 June 2017.

[India] Navtan Kumar, AIDS patients facing severe shortage of drugs, Sunday Guardian, 6 May 2017.

[India] Rupali Mukherjee, GST [tax] jitters spark drug shortage fears, Times of India, 4 May 2017.

[India] Maitri Porecha et al, 600 babies face HIV drug shortage [company stops making product], DNA India, 10 March 2017. See also here

[India] Menaka Rao, Drug pricing authority warns stent manufacturers against creating an ‘articial shortage,, 19 February 2017.

[India] Rituraj Borthakur, Shortage of drug inspectors posing challenge, Assam Tribune, 18 December 2016.

[India] Manoj Bidkar, Acute drug shortage cripples patients [Wilson’s disease], Pune Mirror, 25 November 2016. See update, 17 July above.

[India] Prabprat Nair, No recovery in sight for ‘headless’ KMSCL, New Indian Express, 11 November 2016.

[India] Ramesh Shankar, Panacea Biotec takes initiatives to solve shortage of Wilson’s disease drug D-Penicillamine,, 11 November 2016. See update, 17 July 2017

[India] Sushmi Deyl, Drug crisis in store if Sino-Indian ties worsen, Times of India, 4 October 2016. See also.

[India] Veena Mani, Shortage of drugs for Wilson’s disease, drug makers asked to fix local supply issue, Business Standard, 1 October 2016. See also here and here.

[India], Anon., Supply restored, but shortage of life-saving drug affects thalassemia patients, Indian Express, 23 September 2016.

[India] Gireesh Babu, Drug makers seek policy aid to reduce China reliance, Business Standard, 10 September 2016.

[India] Rupalee Mukherjeel, Patient campaigns for access to drug, company denies shortage, Times of India, 10 September 2016.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Thalassemia patients complain of shortage of life-saving drug that removes excess iron from blood [Novartis denies shortage],, 9 September 2016.

[India] Gireesh Babu, Pharma sector raises concerns over proposed incentives cut, Business Standard News, 8 September 2016.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage–not HIV–is killing children in Chhattisgarh, Scroll in, 5 September 2016.

[India] Afshan Yasmeen, Thalassemia patients worried about shortage of life-saving drug, The Hindu, 28 August 2016. See also here.

[India] Nupur Jha, Wilson’s Disease:shortage of drugs worries patients; International Business Times, 25 August 2016.

[India] Anon., Drug shortage ails dispensaries, The Hans India, 24 August 2016.

[India] Anon., Drugs shortage at Ayurveda hospital; patients forced to purchase fro market, The Hitavada, 19 August 2016.

[India] Geeta Sharma, Kerala: price slash leads to essential drug shortage, Medical Dialogues, 1 July 2016

[India] Preetu Nairl, Shortage of cancer and other drugs in hospitals, Times of India, 29 June 2016.

[India] Menaka Rao, Maharashtra’s HIV patients battle an acute shortage of drugs, Scroll in, 20 June 2016.

[India] Zehru Nissa, Where are free drugs promised by Government? Greater Kashmir, 15 June 2016

[India] Malaty Iyerl, Wilson’s disease patients in a fix as medicine shortage turns acute, Times of India, 1 August 2016.

[India] Viswanath Pilla, Five things to know about Sun Pharma’s US grand jury subpoena, Live Mint, 30 May 2016. [generic prices too high]

[India] Kamal Mishra, Space, drug shortages ail medical rooms at stations, Mumbai Mirror, 12 April 2016.

[India] Lydia Ramsey, There’s a counterintuitive reason why we’re running out of prescription drugs [prices too low], Business Insider-India, 4 April 2016.

[India] Yogesh Pawar, Are we in danger of slowing the march against HIV/AIDs? DNA India, 3 April 2016.

[India] Nozia Sayyed, Pune battles HIV drug shortage as ART centres halt supply, Pune Mirror, 28 March 2016.

[India] Himani Chandna, Regulator set to ban 1,200 more drugs, chemists warm of shortage, Hindustan Times, 18 March 2016.

[India] Zehru Nissa, Kashmir hospitals face shortage of drugs as JKMSCL misses deadline, Greater Kashmir, 31 January 2016.

[India] Divya Rajagopal, Onus on senior management of drugmakers to maintain quality, says FAD’s report,The Economic Times, 29 January 2016.

[India] Suhail Bhat, PHC Khanmoh [Srinigar] faces staff, drug shortage. Daily Excelsior, 22 January 2016.

[India] Papri Chatterjee, SSKM faces drug shortage, The Statesman, 2 January 2016.

[India] Anon., New unit to help Ayurveda college meet med needs, Times of India, 20 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Severe shortage of well equipped drug inspectors hurting pharma exports,, 10 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Severe shortage of well equipped drug inspectors hurting pharma exports, New Indian Express, 9 December 2015.

[India] Pranav Kumar Chaudhary, Absence of health minister irks Opposition in House, Times of India, 8 December 2015.

[India] Anon., Patients suffer as JAKs hit by drug shortage, The Pioneer, 21 October 2015.

[India] Santosh Sonawane, FDA readies option to counter drug shortage, Times of India, 14 October 2015.

[India] Anon., Fund crunch forces NGOs to quit HIV prevention project, Pune NYOOZ, 13 October 2015.

[India] Prashant Reddy, Should India worry about a dramatic price rise of old drugs, The Wire, 29 September 2015.

[India] Aloyisius Xavier Lopez, Drug shortage hits Corporation vet clinics [dog vaccines], The Hindu, 26 September 2015.

[India] Manoj Jalani, Drug shortage in Bihar hosps irks Union official, The Times of India, 16 September 2015.

[India]  Anon., Drug shortage in Bihar hosps irks Union official, Times of India, 16 September 2015.

[India] Santosh Andhale, FDA to dicuss albumin shortage with producers today, DNA, 28 August 2015.

[India], Shardul Nautiyal, Albumin shortage persists in city [Mumbai] as plasma availability remains restricted,, 23 July 2015.

[India] Nozia Sayyed, Alarming shortage of HIV drugs brought to notice of the Centre, Pune Mirror, 1 July 2015.

[India] Santosh Andhale et al, Life-saving liver cancer drug lipiodol faces acute shortage, DNA, 19 June 2015.

[India] Priyanka Vora, Anti-HIV shortage in Maharashtr, Hindustan Times, 17 June 2015.

[India] Kunal Chonkar, New regulations by government lead to shortage of life-saving drug Human Serum Albumin in Mumbai, DNA, 2 June 2015.

[India] Ronalisa Parida, Shortage of free medicines at MKCG’s drug distribution centre leaves patients disappointed, India of Berhampur, 2 May 2015.

[India] Ma Degree, Prove drug shortage charge, I will resign [health minister over flu medication], Ahmedabad Mirror, 23 February 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, State, civic body deny essential drug shortage [asthma and COPD], The Asian Age, 13 February 2015.

[India] News Service, Will tackle H1N1 drug shortage [tamiflu vaccine], The New Indian Express, 13 February 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, Drug shortage affecting kids, The Asian Age, 20 January 2015.

[India] Swati Jha, MDR-TB drug shortage continues, The Asian Age, 12 January 2015.

[India] TNN, Anti-H1N1 drug shortage feared as another tests +ve in Hyderabad, Times of India, 20 December 2014.

[India] Anon. World AIDS day today: drug shortage hits HIV patients hard in India, Microfinance Monitor, 1 December 2014.

[India] MSF, MSF urges India to stand strong against attack [from USA and pharma] on affordable medicines, MSF press release, 25 November 2014

[India] Anon. NHRC [National Human Rights Commission] raps health ministry for delaying report on shortage of HIV drugs, DNA, 31 October 2014.

[India] Lydia Smith, 150,000 HIV/AIDS patients face life-saving drugs shortage over bureaucratic hurdles, International Business Times, 1 October 2014

[India] Andrew Jack, Access to good therapy is big issue for cancer patients in poorer nations, Financial Times, 26 September 2014.

[India] IANS, NHRC notice to health ministry over HIV drug shortage, Business Standard News, 18 September 2014.

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[India] Jyoti Shelar, HIV+ patients sue Centre for shortage of drugs, Mumbai Mirror, 4 September 2014.

[India] Reuters, India battles HIV/AIDS drug shortage as some firms halt supply, Fox News, 4 September 2014.

[India] Maitri Porecha, Mumbai AIDS drugs shortage problem resolved, DNAIndia, 13 August 2014.

[India] Maya Sharma, Government to slash prices of over 100 drugs; pharma firms call it flawed, NDTV, 16 July 2014.

[India] Maitri Porecha, Paris health meet shames India on TB drugs shortage, DNA, 3 November 2013.

[India] Malathy Iyer, Indians booed at global meet for ‘genocide of TB patients’ Times of India, 3 November 2013.

[India] DHNS, Drug shortage likely to hit HIV treatment, Deccan Herald, 4 October 2013.

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[India] Rupali Mukherjee, Drug shortage looms as pharma policy hurts margins, Times of India, 31 August 2013.

[India] Pushpa Narayan, Tamil Nadu among states likely to face drug shortage as retailers look for more profits, Times of India, 31 August 2013.

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[India] Dirk Matten, India’s generics drug ruling will help, not hinder, innovation, Globe and Mail, 2 April 2013.

[India] Stephanie Nolen, Novartis loses landmark India patent case on cancer drug, Globe and Mail, 1 April 2013.

[India] Edward Gresser, India has invalidated, rejected or otherwise compromised five cancer medicine patents this year, Progressive Economy, Trade Fact of the Week, 28 November 2012

[India] Kaustubh Kulkarni and Ben Hirschler, India revokes Roche patent in new blow for Big Pharma, Globe and Mail, 1 November 2012.

[India] Nirmalya Syam, New Indian policy on access to medicine, South Views, 18 September 2012.

[India] Umesh Isalkar, State faces shortage of anti-malaria drugs, Times of India, 31 July 2012.

[India] Henry Foy, India to provide free generic drugs, Globe and Mail, 4 July 2012

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[India] Reuters, Cheap generic drugs no panacea for India’s poorest, The Times of India, 18 March 2012.